Even if you are not an Olympic athlete, you likely have experienced some type of shoulder pain. We would be willing to bet it has happened multiple times.

You are not alone. Over two-thirds of people experience at least once incident of shoulder pain during the course of their life.

Searching for shoulder pain remedies? Follow the below remedies and say goodbye to painful shoulders forever!


Many factors can lead to chronic shoulder pain at work. This type of pain commonly comes from repetitive actives commonly required in many jobs.

Do you use a computer mouse? Sit in front of a computer for long hours at a time? Ensure your workplace is one that will not contribute to your shoulder pain.

Many people spend time at a desk when working. Be sure your desk is correctly set up. The top edge of your computer monitor should be at eye level.

Arms should form a 90-degree angle while typing. This prevents you from having to lift your arms while working.

Keep items such as post-it notes, spare pens, and paperclips in arms reach. Stretching for these items cause unnecessary strain on your shoulders.

Spend a large portion of your workday chatting on the phone? Invest in a headset. This will help you avoid the temptation of holding the phone between your ear and shoulder. This can be a great investment for shoulder pain remedies.

While at work, take regular walking breaks. This helps keep your body active and gives your mind a break. Walking is great for decreasing back pain and releasing body tension.



Most people do not have perfect posture, nor anything close to it. As explained in #1 we spent many hours at our desks working.

Ensuring our posture is not leading to shoulder pain is crucial.

When sitting correctly, your feet should be flat and stable on the ground. Shoulders should be relaxed and thighs parallel to the ground.

As people tire throughout the workday, most slouch in their chairs. This puts horrible pressure and strain on the body.

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Doing regular checks on your posture throughout the day can be a great way to start. One method is to set a repeating timer on your phone to go off every 30 or 60 minutes.

When the alarm goes off, check your posture. Leaning forward or backward? Are you slouching? Eventually, good posture will become natural for you.


One of many shoulder pain remedies is to work on strengthening your shoulder muscles. Improving the strength of your shoulders increases support and stabilization.

Increasing your should strength can help prevent injuries and decreasing overall shoulder pain.

There are numerous exercises that any fitness level can do to reach this goal. Be consistent because shoulder strength will go away and leave pain if you do not follow through.

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Grab an elastic workout band and grip overhand, with hands shoulder-width apart. Pull shoulder blades together and stretch the band until it touches your chest. Try 15 of these.

Another great exercise is a side-lying external rotation. Take a light dumbbell in one hand and lay on your opposite side. Bend the arm holding the dumbbell and rotate your forearm above your body. Try doing 10 reps of these.


While working out to strengthen your shoulders and overall body is important in your search for shoulder pain remedies you must be sure to do it properly.

You should always warm-up. Jumping into exercise with cold muscles is a bad idea. Try warming up with mild cardio such as walking or jumping jacks. Doing this gets your body ready for the intense workout that is to come.

You should also build up your workouts gradually. Jumping into too much too fast can lead to serious injury that will lead to even more shoulder pain. If it has been a few months, or even weeks, be sure to listen to your body and avoid overextending yourself.

You need to also pay close attention to how you feel after your workouts. Feeling sore from a tough workout and feeling in pain are two very different things.

Feeling pain and concerned about your form? Seek out a trainer and relay your concerns. Trainers love to help and can provide you with even more shoulder pain remedies.


shoulder pain remedy

If you are working on your shoulder strength as mentioned above, or even if you aren’t, don’t skip stretching.

Regular stretching should be done by anyone seeking shoulder pain remedies. No need to stock up on yoga mats and herbal tea, but short stretches throughout the day can lead to less stiffness and pain.

Do a few stretches on a break or during your lunch. Maybe do them as a way to get out of the dreaded afternoon slump.

Do some shoulder shrugs: sit or stand with your back straight. Raise your shoulders to your ears, hold, and relax downward.

Try another one, bring on arm across your body and press on your upper arm towards your chest. Hold and repeat.

Sometimes called a ‘Computer Stretch’ sit or stand and extend your arms in front of you at shoulder height. Take one wrist and gently pull to the opposite side. Feel this between your shoulder blades and repeat on the other side.

A foam roller can be a great addition to any stretching routine. Someone seeking shoulder pain remedies should give one a try as they help improve flexibility and maintain tissue quality.

Consistency is key with foam rolling and exercise should be done after physical activity.
Use the foam roller for a child’s pose stretch. Sit hips back towards ankles with arms on the roller. You should feel a stretch in the back of the shoulders and your lower back.

Try playing with trigger points with your foam roller. Lie on your side and roll up and down the outside area of your shoulder blade. Try leaning forward and backward to find any trigger or sensitive spots. If you find a trigger point, stop and hold the position for 30 to 60 seconds.

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Often neck tension can lead to serious shoulder pain. One of the many shoulder pain remedies involves simply acknowledging that your body may be very tense due to daily life stresses.

Daily stress can cause tension and pain in your shoulders even if you are stretching and actively working on your posture.

Try finding a relaxation practice such as meditation, yoga, or even simply reading books to manage your stress.


One of the more difficult shoulder pain remedies or actions to achieve concerns cell phone use. All of us use our phones to communicate, take pictures, and even read articles and books.

Frequent staring and scrolling over a phone is a top factor leading to chronic shoulder pain.
‘Text Neck’ is the term used to describe the pain and damage sustained to one’s neck. Neck pain often radiates and leads to shoulder pain.

Symptoms of text neck can include upper back pain including chronic or sharp severe pain and shoulder muscle spasms.

Some doctors suggest this issue may even lead to early onset of arthritis in the upper shoulders and neck.

To avoid these issues, hold your phone at eye level as much as possible. This applies to all screens including reading novels on tablets.

Take frequent breaks from your phone and computer during the day. Set alarms to not only check your posture like in #2, but also to step away from your many screens!


We spend on average over eight hours a day sleeping. If you start to feel pain in one shoulder, try avoiding sleeping on that side. Give sleeping on your back a try.

When suffering from shoulder pain, extra pillows can be helpful in providing extra support and creating a stable and comfortable position.

Rotating shoulders slightly forward or backward may also allow a person to comfortably sleep on their side without causing additional pain to their shoulder.

Are you someone who places their arm underneath your pillow to sleep? Be careful, as this can lead to your shoulder muscles locking in place overnight.

This tends to lead to sharp pain in moving and straightening your arm the following morning. It can also lead to frequent inflammation.

A proper evening of sleep lets your body heal and prepare for the next day.


One of the best and most enjoyable shoulder pain remedies includes getting a professional massage. Getting a massage leaves you relaxed and also improves blood circulation.
Receiving regular massages can boost energy levels, help with tight muscles, and treat chronic neck pain.


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