In the age of paperless functioning, many of us must have been faced with times and situations when you feel that your life has stopped. Well your hard disk crashed and you don’t have a clue what to do next. Continue with this article if you ever felt the need to recover the invaluable information viz data that you just can’t do without.

Collecting data such as photos, videos, word documents, excel files etc. and storing them on any media like external storage device or on your laptop is pretty cool. But think for a minute that what will happen if its all gone, in other words, you lose all your prized data?

Well the situations and reasons could be plenty, but cheer up! There are many way in which your date in entirety or partially can be recovered by using some specialized softwares. Let consider these situations

1) Data Deleted – If you lost data due to any wrong operation then don’t worry you can recover your data using data recovery software.

2) Formatted Data – It is recommended that before formatting keep backup of your data into other drives to avoid data loss, but then it could happen inadvertently and once again the data recovery software comes to your aid.

3) Data Corrupted – Sometimes file gets corrupted due to some error or virus attack. So in that case too you can utilize data recovery software to recover your data.

So if you lost your data due to any of the above reasons then don’t worry, you are still safe and you can try recovering your data using specialized software.

Now you must be twitching to know as to which is this software, where to get it, will it cost you a fortune, will you be able to handle and use it and so on. Well to know more about the data recovery software, read on.

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Best Free Data Recovery Software

As luck would have it, the past week itself, I happened to face a similar situation that i had been talking about above i.e of data loss. Like a prudent person, I had taken backup of my data onto an external hard drive before going in for formatting. And while formatting the hard disks, I followed all the correct procedures expected before formatting. However, after the formatting culminated successfully, to my horror, I found a few important files missing from my folders.

Taken aback, I started searching for the missing files in my folders on the laptop as well as the external hard drive. But no luck. Although i was very much aware about the data recovery companies but instead of rushing to them, I scanned the internet before zeroing in on the best data recovery software. The ones i came across were from the Stellar Data recovery, Ease us, Recuva etc. I researched and compared these options for their various pros and cons and finally preferred to go for the Stellar data recovery, India.

How To Write A Software Requirement Specification

I have been into the habit of searching free versions, free coupons, free giveaway and luckily here too i applied my skills and got the link to a free version of the Stellar data recovery software. I checked the software specifications for its genuinity and was satisfied. This free software could recover upto 1 GB data, free of cost. It provided all the features and yes I became confident that I could save my files. To help those going through such an eventuality, here are the few steps to get you going, retrieving your data, all by yourself.

Process To Use Free Data Recovery Software:

Follow the given steps to download and install the free data recovery software, in this case from Stellar, and recover your data without spending a single penny:

  • Download the Free Data Recovery software onto your system.
  • Now Install the software on your system, and run it
  • Select what type of possible files you want to recover
  • Select the drive/volume from which you want to recover data
  • Scan the selected drive/volume by clicking Scan button
  • Select the files you want to save, and click Recover. You’ll be asked to select a location where you’d want to save the selected data.
  • Select the location to save the files for free.

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Sharing with you a few facts and info that i came across while researching for the best data recovery software. Found that Stellar is the No.1 data recovery company in India. It provides both software and services solutions for its customers. The basic version of Stellar’s free data recovery tool is an initiative provided by the company. The tool is 100% efficient and can recover data from all kinds of data loss situation such as deletion, formatting, virus attack, bad sectors on the drive etc. If you, by any chance, happen to lose data and wanted to recover it, then you can certainly use this time tested software. Based on my experience, it’s perfectly safe to download and easy to use.

Last but not the least, what prompted me to finally go for Stellar was that it’s an ISO certified data recovery solution provider for the past 26 years. Their products are developed and trusted not only in India but are in demand far beyond the Indian domestic territory.

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