When I opened the newspaper on the morning of the 23rd, I read a piece of news which left me shocked, aghast and ultimately, sad. What is it with the politicians that they do not understand what even an illiterate person would? Why do they not listen to sane and sensible voices? Why do they think that they set the agenda for right thinking people of India and that they would listen to them?

The latest shocker came when Sitaram Yechury, the CPI (M) General Secretary, grandiosely declared that whatever happened in the Supreme Court dispute was shameful but we are thinking of moving beyond that.

Now, who all are ‘we’? The so called ‘we’ consists of a few nobodies such as Yechury himself, D. Raja of CPI, Tariq Anwar of NCP and Sharad Yadav along with some others. These stalwarts are members of neither house of the parliament yet they have massive illusions about themselves and the services they can render to the country. Thank you gentleman, we shall rather do without your services.

Mr Yechury says that in the coming budget session, he will hold talks with other like-minded parties in bringing about an impeachment motion against the Chief Justice of India Deepak Mishra. Wow!!! All the right thinking people in India are asking political parties to stay away from the dispute as the judges, the best minds that India has to offer, will solve it on their own but Yechury still doesn’t get it.

He further goes on to say that everybody (he, himself) was thinking that the dispute would be resolved within the judiciary itself but even after the passage of two weeks, the stalemate still holds. It is for this reason that the other two pillars of democracy will have to interfere.

Spoken like a true statesman, isn’t it!!! I am surprised at the pomposity of this gentleman and his ilk, but he may be excused considering the kind of fool’s paradise they live in. They still think that they are relevant in India while all over the world they have been swept under the carpet, except for some patches in South America and Asia. North Korea and Cuba are the only major countries in the world where Communism still holds and that too by the power of the gun.

In the last century, especially after World War II, Communism emerged as a major ideology in the world when the world was divided into two military blocs led by USA and USSR respectively. Looking at these two blocs like a layman, one could easily see the differences between them. While militarily, these blocs were balanced but in other spheres, the Communist bloc was heavily outnumbered.

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As time went on, the Capitalist bloc became prosperous; people in Communist bloc were disillusioned and wanted to be rid of it. When Mikhail Gorbachev introduced perestroika in USSR, the whole Communist infrastructure in the world collapsed like a pack of cards, though it held on to a few isolated pockets in the world.

Same is true with Communism in India. They were booted out of West Bengal after 34 years in power, during which they successfully managed to destroy its economy and industrial infrastructure.

Till now, Kerala had only two-party system, Congress and the Communists who rule the state alternately. The state tolerated the Communists for want of a credible alternative but with the rise of BJP at the centre, the day is not far off when they shall be consigned to the dustbins of history.

Tripura is witnessing winds of change and as news filtering from the state are an indication, the Communist rule will be swept away from power from there in the year 2018.

Though the Communists have lost relevance in India, they still haven’t let go of their false sense of grandeur. Cut to the present times. The Communists think themselves to be the last flag bearers of secularism and feel that they have to certify a person as secular before he can ever feel so. They live in a fool’s paradise and pick and choose issues as per their convenience.  I do not know why but they always had a reason to deride the majority community while ignoring the major transgressions of the others.

AMU, the place where I studied, was once a hotbed of Communism and the kind of political machinations and drama they were up to had to be seen to be believed. And then as luck would have it, I landed up at JNU where I observed them at close quarters and found them to be the biggest frauds ever possible.

One thing though, you have to accept and that is that they are all highly educated otherwise you won’t understand the nitty-gritties of Communism. This they use to a great effect while turning gullible minds and once their work is done, they abandon their comrades without any qualm.

I do not have anything personal against them. To everybody his own but the Communists say something else and do just the opposite in their personal lives. If one is lucky enough to be invited to one of their regular soirees as I once was, he/she would surely be shocked to see them holding forth on the depravities of the west (read Capitalism) while sipping finest French wines or American Bourbon and munching Beluga caviar.

Now from the time the NDA, helmed by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, has come to power at the centre, their anger knows no bounds. They have been distanced from their seats of influence, pelf and power and they cannot do anything about it except to fume in anger at the injustice of it all. So, as they are prone to, they create issues out of thin air and go to town tom-tomming about it but no one listens to them anymore.

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For them, intolerance has increased in the country, the Constitution is in danger, freedom of expression is being curtailed and fundamental rights are being trampled upon, Muslims and Dalits are being targeted etc. My question to people who allege such fanciful ideas is what kind of an ideal society do they wish to create in India. They do not have any idea about national security and foreign policy, yet they speak on steps which the nation takes as a part of its geopolitical outreach.

Recently, I read somewhere that some office bearer of the Kerala CPI (M) condemned the grouping of India, USA, Japan and Australia so as to counter and contain the Chinese activities in the Indian Ocean. He not only stopped at that but went on to praise Kim Jong, the mad dictator of North Korea. Before him, some other communist gentleman from Kerala only had openly praised Kim Jong and described him as being better than the Chinese. Communist workers normally put up his posters and share his pictures on social media.

The reason for this allegiance and love of the Indian Communists for China and North Korea is the same thought process and ideology in which dictatorship, murders of detractors and annihilation of human rights are inherent.

It is because of this ideology that the Communists supported China when it attacked India in 1962. Recently in 2017, when the Indian and Chinese troops were in an eyeball to eyeball confrontation at Doklam, the Communists were leaning towards the Chinese position.

What is the actual situation inside China, the country which holds the Indian Communists in thrall and for which they are ready to abandon even the last remnants of sanity and national interests as well?

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The Chinese have a weird and distorted system in place where politics is in the grips of violent Marxist dictatorship; their economy is capitalist in outlook. The Chinese economic prosperity, as showcased by its gleaming infrastructure, is nothing more than a chimera.

According to a report, there are more than 750 suicides per day in the country. Human rights workers, teachers and independent writers are on the radar of the government. According to Amnesty International, 1132 cases of death penalty were reported in the world but they do not include the statistics from China as its government keeps such data secret.

It further discloses that as regards to death penalty, China is far ahead of countries such as Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan. As per a Chinese Human Rights group, nearly 2,000 people were given death penalty in China in the year 2016.

Religious freedom is also being strangulated in China. While cultural and linguistic heritage in Tibet has been suppressed for too long, the latest to face the onslaught of the Chinese state machinery are the Muslims of the Xinjiang province. There the Muslims are banned by law to keep or read the holy Quran, fast, grow beard or wear a burqa. At other places, mosques have been demolished as illegal construction.

Even more, some schools have been demolished for the simple reason that the number of Christian students had become a majority. Very tolerant of the Chinese, isn’t it!!! But after May 2014, the Communists and their cohorts have used some minor incidents in India to tar the whole of the country as having turned intolerant overnight and the one where human rights are being trampled upon.

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North Korea is a rogue state which has got nuclear muscle and is ruled by an absolute and blood-thirsty dictator whose idiosyncrasies and whims are stuff of legends. The country has been in the grip of Kim family for last some decades. Just like earlier said, political oppression, public executions, gender violence, labour oppression, forced labour, travel ban and religious persecution are the organs of the state.

In the year 2014, the United Nations published a report which had been prepared after a year of investigations. During their research, the investigating team met a number of women who were compelled to kill their own children. Earlier, after the systematic massacre of its own people by the Cambodian government during the period from 1975 to 1979, left no one in doubt about its attitude towards human life and its fundamental rights.

In the same period, the infamous Pol Pot revolution led millions of intellectuals and political opponents to their deaths. In this revolution inspired by Leninism, Stalinism and Maoism, nearly 25-30 lakh people (a quarter of the total Cambodian population) perished due to mass hangings, brutal murders, labour torture, malnutrition and epidemics. By the year 2009, nearly 24 thousand mass graves had been discovered.

That Marxist cultural revolution, to whose glory do the Communists sing paens, is fed on the blood of political and intellectual opponents. The continuing saga of brutal murders of RSS and BJP workers is a case in point.

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History is witness that in whichever part of the world has Marxism taken roots; it has become the medium of intellectual nutrition of violence. This ideology promotes the belief in one idea and one leader only. The people who hold a different view, are even denied the right to life in the name of universal good.

The Indian Communists display a duality of views, once out of power, they talk of public rights, freedom of expression, democracy and constitution but as soon as they acquire power, they do not wait to murder the same values. The initial support to Emergency in 1975 and the oppression of political opponents and human rights during the 34 years of communist rule in West Bengal are just two of its glaring examples.

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