Interested in getting an Idea of an Ecommerce startup – The Cost of Setting Up an Online Store.

It is more common every day that a physical store or a new entrepreneur wants to set up an online store. But there are many questions that are usually asked about it, from if it is worth it if it really makes money, and how much does it cost to set up an e-commerce store. Here we are going to try to clarify all these doubts or questions so that, when you finish reading, you are clear about what you need for your online store to start rolling.

So how much does it actually cost to set up an online store?

This is a fairly direct question, but its answer has many different nuances that we must go through to find a final result that encompasses everything you want to know about this sales model that is going viral in recent years.

Creating a basic online store is going to cost you very little since there are many services that give you the possibility of starting for free or with very low costs, however, we are talking about that, that it will be a basic store and that, for, therefore, you won’t have as much profit as you expect. To have an online store that is really going to sell and that over time achieves success and a lot of customers, it is necessary to invest in it, in the same way, that you would make an investment in a physical store, having good products and well presented on its shelves, decoration of the establishment, among other sections such as commercial advertising.

You have to know that when we have an online store, the fact of creating it and having it operational will not guarantee that someone will visit your portal and start buying from you. You have to create a structure for a digital marketing plan to boost sales and improve the appearance of your e-commerce, and all of this will have a value that we will have to take into account when creating it.

Within the costs, you will have to add certain sections that we see essential so that you not only have your online store set up and operational, but also so that it gives you profits.

Domain and hosting

We start with the most basic and also essential to have your store, which is the domain and the hosting. Regarding this issue, you will find many different types of hostings, some more expensive and others cheaper, having to opt for those that offer you the resources that your online store will need since it will be useless to hire the most expensive hostings Yes, many of the functions will be useless. When we talk about the domain, you have to study it well, but it usually costs cheaper and is included in some cases, in the price of the hosting, although you should choose it well. The price of all this can range from 100 euros to 200, depending on the plan or rate you prefer.

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Web design and programming

The next step consists of the design and programming that will make the web or online store work correctly. In this section it is true that you can take care of yourself, although you would surely have some problems in this regard since it requires advanced knowledge in programming language and web design so that nothing fails, the e-commerce can go perfectly, without failures or crashes. The most recommended option is that you get the services of a company dedicated to this, although you have to know that it is one of the most expensive parts since the budget could go up to approximately 2,000 or 3,000 euros. Now, you have to know that when they are finished, your store will have the appearance that you have sought, without errors. There are other means in which the cost can be cut in half or even less, but sometimes these do not give the desired result and you will have more than one fault, having to fix it yourself or having to patch it up to make it work again.

SEO positioning

Once you have the page mounted, with all your products, you will need to optimize it so that it can be placed in a good position within the search engines. This is achieved with SEO positioning. For this, it is advisable that you hire an expert or an SEO agency that is in charge of all these strategies, such as the analysis of the keywords that you must add to your portal, as well as improving the presence of the page with more elaborate definitions and content of quality that will give you a much more professional look. When we talk about professional service, we mean an average of 500 euros for this job, something that you must pay periodically. It may seem like a lot to you and that at first it will not help you, but with the passage of time, more in the medium term, the results jump on their own.

Traffic Generation

The next step will be to generate traffic to your online store, something essential since, without these potential customers, you will achieve nothing. With the management of an SEO agency, users may be arriving little by little to your page and with the passage of time, this will increase when you acquire more visibility on the network. It is a process that, like everything, goes from less to more. To boost the increase in traffic, you can also invest in advertising on the internet, but you should not do it, as usual, so you will need a clear strategy since you would then be wasting the money.

Content marketing and social media

Coming almost to the end, we find digital marketing, in which we include content and social networks, both are extremely important for our business and thanks to these platforms you will get direct traffic to your store, with a high probability that it will become customers. Depending on the quality of the content of the items you purchase, it may cost you cheaper or more expensive, although you must invest in this aspect to achieve medium-term results.

Customer loyalty

Finally, to quantify the cost of a complete online store, you will have to consider the spending on the loyalty of the customers that you are having, since if they become recurring, they will be able to recommend you and achieve more profits from them than from new customers. Advertising campaigns to keep these users buying, or certain marketing gifts may be useful, but it will also require an extra expense that will vary depending on what you want to give.

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