One of the popularly celebrated festivals in India, Diwali is around the corner. This will be the first Diwali that will be celebrated after the outbreak of the pandemic. Consequently this year the celebrations are not likely to be grand and exquisite. All celebrations have been more or less muted and being celebrated under the dark shadows of Coronavirus all around. Here’s how Celebrities, Entrepreneurs and Influencers celebrating Diwali differently this year. Let see what they are saying.

Shubi Husain – Founder, Health Sanctuary Brand

Shubi Husain Entrepreneur and Business Leader

A Very Happy Diwali to everyone. This Diwali is different from previous ones as this pandemic has disturbed all of us in some way or the other.

On this Diwali – let’s clean our mind and get rid of the thinking patterns that keep us from reaching our greatest potential. Let’s start with true Diwali cleaning. This tidying up could change our lives. We could outsource the cleaning work of our home, office or workplace and get them sparkling clean & de-cluttered. But the cleaning of this real residence of ours has to be done by ourselves. By de-cluttering our mind, we can eliminate worry, relieve anxiety and stop negative thoughts. Getting rid of mental clutter frees us up to focus on important things.

Rahul Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, Coffeeza

Rahul Aggarwal, CEO Coffeeza - N4M

Diwali for me has always been about celebrating with family, which will be the highlight this year as well. This year, my family has decided on celebrating a green and safe Diwali. So, there will be no usage of fireworks or firecrackers of any kind. Our normal festive preparations will begin with getting the house cleaned, followed by decorating it with some flowers, eco-friendly diyas, and of course, rangoli. On Diwali, everyone will be dressed in new clothes, and the family will get together for the Puja. After that, we all will sit together and enjoy a nicely cooked traditional Indian meal accompanied with our favourite sweets. As we cannot go outside to meet relatives or friends this year, we will call them and share greetings over voice or video calls.

Chef Aditi Handa – Co-Founder & Head Baker, The Baker’s Dozen

Chef Aditi Honda - Influencers celebrating diwali

This year celebrating Diwali will be an emotional affair for every member of the family, as during the lockdown we have been a strong pillar of each other’s strength. On a personal level, it is really about celebrating how this year the entire family has gotten more time to spend together, with mother’s now becoming part-time teachers and me being an entrepreneur as well had more responsibilities to look after. As a family, we will be visiting a cow farm nearby to experience how loving farmers take such good care of their cows, the way they feed them and nurture them.

On both personal and professional level, we wish to do something better for our community as they deserve a Diwali full of happiness. On the professional front, we at the Baker’s Dozen decided to ‘Gift a Light’ and support the 3rd generation Patan Patola Weavers by collaborating with the Patan’s Salvi family and launched the entire festive range of ‘#HandmadeArt Collection’ inspired by Patola Art. This highly esteemed weave is acknowledged by connoisseurs as a traditional and ancient art that needs to be preserved and promoted.

For me, Diwali is not just celebrating with the family but it is to do things that bring light to other’s life as well.

Hitesh Bhojraj, Actor, Singer and Voice Over Artist

Hitesh Bhojraj - Influencers celebrating diwali

This Diwali my family and I are deliberately making sure that we give business to local vendors, all our Diwali shopping be it for gifts or sweets it has been local, It’s been particularly tough on them during this pandemic. For every festival my family and I associate with NGOs and organizations that we think are doing some amazing work towards causes that our close to our hearts, This Diwali too we are doing the same

Malini Agarwal – Founder MissMalini Entertainment

Malini Agarwal MissMalini

Well this Diwali is definitely different from previous ones. For me celebrating Diwali has always been about spending time with friends and family and celebrating things that you are thankful for.

In a sense, I will be celebrating Diwali in the same way but in much smaller groups this time. I am super excited about dressing up, haven’t dressed up in quite a while in the pandemic. Will have some yummy food and drinks obviously no crackers at all. Just spending some time with friends and the long weekend is always nice even though we have all been at home it’s nice to get a whole full weekend off. Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali stay safe enjoy mindfully

Ashish Chanchlani, YouTuber, Digital Celebrity

Ashish Chanchlani | N4M

Celebrating Diwali festival has been one of my favorite since childhood. I used to be excited to have Mithayi’s, wear new clothes, and burst the firecrackers with friends. This year due to the pandemic it’s going to be different but interesting as we all are home with our families and wishing our friends on a video call and giving them hugs virtually. This year it’s going to be “Indoor Diwali”.

We have been calling for Kandils and decorative items from the stores but this time we planned to be a little creative and make it at home using some DIY ideas. I am also going to try making sweets at home.

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