Ever heard of ME TIME. All of us are on an eternal search for happiness and a smooth life. But little do we realize that when there are no ups and downs we don’t get to experience the realities of life.

Likewise, many people are of the opinion that being together, or having ‘we time’ all through their lives is the best way to be happy. But it is the same people who get affected when there’s an unpredictable event that happens. They find it difficult to hold their emotions and make the right decisions for a better solution.

Now, why would this emotional imbalance in a person occur? That’s because of being ignorant about understanding oneself and spending time with oneself.

While there are a lot of opinions and connotations about ‘me time’, to know it better, it needs you to actually experience it. If you’re single, how do you spend your weekends? You probably plan an outing with your friends, just chill at home with a book or simply take up an activity you like doing. While many others are stuck with home and work like robots.

The idea of having some focus on oneself is to understand your own capabilities and learn the art of being yourself while you’re with everyone else. In fact, there have been many studies that show that most couples who lacked personal space were unhappy as compared to those who had personal getaway time.

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When you indulge in any activity that relaxes you, it helps you be more conscious and calm. While being able to rationalize and season out things better than normal becomes a habit, you become more balanced as an individual. We all want to be respected in a certain way, but it is immensely important to honor yourself first and then be honored by the rest. That’s what ‘me time’ is all about.

If you don’t get lost, there’s a chance you may never be found. ~ Unknown

Here’s a quick guide you can scroll your eyes through to know how to develop and practice ‘me time’ to build a better ‘we time’.

The ‘Me Time’ Guide

● ‘Me Time’ should not look like a self-oriented motive. It should be moments that you value and yearn to make the most of.

● Early to bed and early to rise. Well, this saying can help you make a few hours for yourself.

● Be firm with your choices and decisions on setting up your me-time.

● Block every other work and make Time for Yourself your priority once you’ve decided.

● Self-care is an important part of ‘me time’ where you must consider pampering yourself.

● Take time off from a busy schedule and go on a holiday.

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● Make sure you’re not lazing around during this time. Be active and see the difference.

● Notice how Me-Time fills you with a more positive outlook on life with more space and strength.

All you need to understand is when you make time for yourself, and look into everything you say or do, it brings you closer to the reality you’re probably miles away from. Focusing on Yourself is equally important, but it can only happen when you help your partner or your loved ones the same space that they all as individuals need. Hence, ‘me time’ improves ‘we time’ which is the best thing you can gift yourself.

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