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“Hello Everyone, Today in this video we will be talking about the top three harmful food ingredients that are contributing to the decline of our health and are making us obese and sick.

So which are these three ingredients? These are Simple Sugar i.e. Refined Sugar, Refined Wheat Flour i.e Maida and lastly the Salt i.e. Sodium.

These are also called White Poison because they are very harmful for your health. How these three are harmful for your health, we will see and discuss in this video today.

Now let’s talk about Sugar first. Of all the modern food we eat sugar is number one contributor to unhealthy lifestyle. Nowadays in every processed food, whether you go to any  grocery store or convenience store you will get a line of products that are sugar coated. Whether these are muesli, cereals, muffins, cake, cookies, candies or anything. You get tempted and you get them home.

You stop eating sugar but whenever you feel hungry you end up eating cookies, candies, chocolates and similar stuff that you kept handy. So knowingly or unknowingly a lot of simple sugar keeps going inside your body. Now this sugar in the processed food is simple sugar that is made up of refined corn or sugarcane which gets mobilized very fast. This sugar is not good for your dental hygiene, its nutritional value is absolutely zero and it is very much calorie dense. So these are all its disadvantages.

Harmful Food Ingredient No 1 – Refined Sugar

To quite some extent sugar is addictive and many people believe it too. Some people have a very strong craving because of which they can’t stay without sugar. But it’s not something that you can’t leave. You can always limit it initially and eventually leave it.

What Manufacturers do to make everything palatable to the masses is that they add sugar to most of their stuff which is very harmful to the overall health of the individual.

In what all ways is it harmful for your health?

Well, you gain weight. A lot of weight shows up on your waistline and you also add inches on your tummy. It promotes diabetes, increases triglycerides, increases bad cholesterol and reduces good cholesterol, creates lot of heart problems for you, increases the chances of inflammation in the body, increases the chances of various different types of cancers in the body. So overall its very very harmful for your health.

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If you can avoid it completely then it’s very good. If you can’t avoid then restrict or limit its intake or take in limited amount.

If you are having a strong sugar craving then you take natural sugar that is available in fruits.

Now we will talk about white refined flour. We also call it Maida. This, even if taken in enriched forms that are written on the package labels, still is absolutely useless for you.

White Flour (Maida)
Harmful Food Ingredient No 2 – White Flour (Maida)

There are three parts in the grain.  Number one, the outer layer is Bran. Innermost layer is the germ and the middle one is the endosperm.   When we process this grain, then the outer layer that is the bran gets totally damaged which actually consists of anti-oxidants, and vitamin B, that too in good quantity. The germ that is  the innermost, also gets damaged. Germ too has lots of vitamin B, protein and fat. What thus remains is the endosperm which his only the starchy carbohydrates.

So when the grain gets processed into refined wheat flour, it gets mostly depleted, its nutritional value diminishes and it ends up of little use to your health. Rather it even becomes harmful for your health. For example the majority of products that are available in the market today, those that are called fast foods like burgers, pizzas, noodles, donuts, muffins, cakes, pastries, samosas, bhaturas.. these are all made of maida, i.e. white refined flour. It’s very unhealthy food ingredient for your health. It also promotes obesity, diabetes, hypertension, various types of cancers and various types of inflammations inside the body.

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So guys please, instead you should go for whole grain products in a limited amount, coz these have complex carbohydrates which are good for your overall health. So please try retricting maida (wheat refined flour) from your diet plan, as much as possible.

Now let’s talk about the third food ingredient which is not good for you, i.e the Salt. For our body functioning some amount of salt is no doubt essential but it is also true that extra salt is not at all healthy for our bodies.

Harmful Food Ingredient No 3 – Salt

Nowadays in most modern foods we have seen that extra salt is added. Whether it is pickel, snacks, frozen meals, ready to cook meals, any type of sauces like salsa sauce, papad, namkeens, mathries etc., in all these extra amounts of salt is added which is really bad for your health.

Taking extra amount of salt promotes obesity, creates, hypertension, not good for your heart health and creates different types of inflammations etc. So this is not at all a healthy food ingredient.

If you take a Frozen Pizza, then it is found that it has 730 mg of Sodium which is one-third of the daily recommended sodium amounts for a healthy adult. So you can imagine how much extra salt we take once we have consume these types of processed foods like frozen meals, ready to cook meals, various types of pickles and sauces.

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So guys please limit consuming extra table salt. If at all you want to make your meals tastier and add flavor, then go for herbs, spices, vinegar, lemon juice in your diet to make it more tastier. But ensure that you restrict extra table salt in your daily diet.

Now in the end i will like to tell you that once you learn to avoid or limit these three food ingredients, weight loss will come naturally and easily to you and you will feel much more healthier and you will remain free from many lifestyle diseases.

So guys, please believe me that by avoiding these three ingredients is not Dieting. It is just getting back to your normal eating which you used to do before these manufacturers started processing these food items.”

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