Singer Dinil and his travails of love, spoken and unspoken engage the listeners playfully in ‘Bolo Na Zara’; now released on Springboard Records and available for streaming and download on most major platforms.

Songwriter and Pop Singer Dinil sentimentalizes the complications of the matters of the heart, where so much is left unsaid yet so much desired to be heard. The playful balance of emoting and not emoting charms the listeners as Bolo Na Zara expresses the oft unsaid emotions. The new record is available through his parent label, Springboard Records.

Singer Dinil is a Catholic singer-songwriter and music producer from Kochi with his growing up years been in Pune. Born to a singer father and a classical dancer mother, it was only natural for Dinil to take to music. Strangely though, he adopted the path of a rigorous medical education before he embarked on his journey in music. In its own way, this journey of self exploration and transformation is evident in his songs and music.

Bolo Na Zara is a light hearted representation of Singer Dinil’s expression of the travails of love, spoken and unspoken. Words missed in love create an aching pain for the lover as he coaxes the loved one to articulate the passion. Building a sense of urgency by using the passage of dusk and burning of his village as metaphors for the internal experience he’s going through, Dinil portrays his request in the most intimate ways possible.

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Speaking on the release, Singer Dinil said, “The knotty, tricky ways of love!!! The heart knows yet wants to hear; satisfaction is hard to derive. Bolo Na Zara takes the listener through the ordeals of attachment and paints a heart warming yet tastefully gritty imagery which I hope will stay etched in your hearts.”

Dinil’s music has come of age as he creates a niche for himself in a territory and genre less explored and traversed. Deriving inspiration from cartoons and memes, Dinil is ready to create a place in millions of hearts with his unconventional music.

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