Notable Indian Authors To Follow: India is buzzing with creative novel writers and authors. The country has a rich history of literature and arts since times immemorial. Here are some Indian authors, who not only are a ‘MUST FOLLOW’ but their works could entice you to delve deeper into their literary marvels.

2Neel Mukherjee

Indian Author Neel Mukherjee

Neel Mukherjee is another author on this list who is a Calcutta born. He has written quite a few novels which are mostly critically acclaimed. His debut novel Past Continuous won many awards in India which were then renamed and republished in England by the name of A Life Apart. His most renowned novel is A State of Freedom which takes you to a journey that you won’t forget. One thing about his writing is that they are all very relatable and very subtle touches of brutal truth that you can’t deny, and this feat made him win the Encore Award. He is sure to be one of the greatest authors of India.


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