Throughout the world, millions of people use contact lenses every day. Contact lenses help correct a wide variety of eye conditions such as myopia, hypermetropia, presbyopia, and many other vision-related conditions.

If you’re thinking of trying contact lenses for the first time, it’s possible that you unsure about which are the best brands that you can get your contact lenses from?

There are numerous types of contact lenses for different eye conditions available in the market. Just like colored contact lenses, when it comes to corrective contact lenses, a thorough eye examination and diagnosis is required to get a prescription.
Based on the prescription and suitability, your optometrist suggests contact lenses to you. To make the decision of switching to contact lenses easier for you, we have compiled this information about the best three contact lens brands for beginners that you can choose from. Take a look below:


Bausch+Lomb is a globally recognized contact lens brand that is known to offer premium quality eye care products. They have a vast experience when it comes to dealing with solutions for eye conditions. Bausch+Lomb has contact lenses for the most common vision problems.

One of the biggest reasons behind Bausch+Lomb’s success in India is its technological expertise. Without compromising on the quality, they made premium quality contact lenses available in India at affordable prices for the consumers.

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The Bausch+Lombcontact lens portfolio is remarkably extensive. You can explore one of Bausch+Lomb’s new products – iconnect contact lenses, which are extremely- affordable, highly effective, and easy to handle. This contact lens was designed considering the wearer’s comfort and mainly targets the youth of India.

Some of Bausch+Lomb’s other types of contact lenses, including daily contact lenses, multifocal and bifocal lenses are SofLens Daily Disposable contact lenses and PureVision 2 contact lenses.


In India, ACUVUE is another famous contact lens brand. ACUVUE is well-known for designing easy to handle, comfortable, and high-quality contact lenses. The brand works with advanced technology to create contact lenses that work in coordination with your eyes to ensure that the vision quality is not deterred.

ACUVUE is known for creating contact lenses that keep your eyes comfortable all day long. ACUVUE’s contact lens range has many different types of contact lenses that include daily contact lenses, multifocal lenses, and more.

Their most popular products are ACUVUE Oasys6Pack and 1-Day ACUVUE Moist 30 Pack. These contact lenses are also available for both near and farsighted corrections. So, you can have your contact lens customized as per your suitability.

 3.  ALCON

ALCON is a very well-known brand when it comes to contact lenses. They present a variety of different types of contact lenses that are known for their comfort and quality. Similar to other top brands like Bausch+Lomb and ACUVUE, Alcon also offers contact lenses that allow high oxygen flow through the contact lens as it leads to healthier eyes.

Some of Alcon’s most popular products include Air Optix Aqua 6 Pack and Air Optix plus HydraGlyde 6 Pack and Freshlook colors. Their products deliver clear vision and consistent comfort.

Choose Your Contact Lenses Brand Carefully

Whenever you consider getting contact lenses, consider your lifestyle, and consult with an optometrist before you make any decision.

Amongst the numerous contact lenses brands available, you must purchase your contact lenses from a reliable and trusted brand that is known for providing high-quality products and after-sales service. Contact lenses from reputable brands such as Bausch+Lomb, can help you start your journey towards a more precise vision and a happier life!

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