Over time, eyeglasses have become a fashion accessory. Sunglasses are practically “must have” to complete the looks of women, while prescription eyeglasses are becoming more and more modern and stylish.

Because glasses need to match the size and features of the face, many people like to practically try them on at physical stores before taking them home.

But the good news is that you can get it right when buying the accessory over the internet as well. Just like the clothes, the glasses are also classified in P, M and G to suit different types of face. Also, knowing which type of frame best matches each shape is essential.

Whether in the sun or perfect weather, the eye glasses are able to leave a more fashion look on the spot. And for those who are afraid to shop over the internet, there are tips that can help you to buy eyeglasses online so that you can choose the right frame and lens size. Like clothes, eyeglasses come in small, medium and large sizes so you can bet on what best suits your facial features. Check out these useful tips to buy eyeglasses online.

1Check the numbering inside the rod

All eyeglass models have numbers on the inside of the rod that indicate the width of the lens, the size of the bridge – under which the nose is – and the length of the rod. These measurements are important in determining the size of glasses for your face. A model featuring the sequence 55-14-140 may be considered large because the lens measures 55mm, the 14mm bridge and the 140mm frame rod. Glasses with lenses less than 50mm wide are small, while medium glasses have lenses between 50 and 54mm wide.

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2Pay attention to the width of the frame

For a perfect choice, it is also important to pay attention to the full width of the frame. The ideal is that the glasses are close to the cheek, since if they are too large or small, and disproportionate, will cause discomfort. For this reason, models with lenses up to 50mm are suitable for people with thin faces, 50 to 54 mm wide lenses for mid-face faces, and lenses greater than 54 mm wide for people with a wide face.

3Search for a trusted site

First you need to know which site you’re buying, right? That makes all the difference! Some certificates at the bottom of the site indicate good company practices, such as servicing and even securing the data you are purchasing, such as credit card data. Surely you’ve been to the ophthalmologist, right? Remember that only he has the authority to examine and conclude his need to wear glasses or not. After all, the health of your eyes is very important and must be taken seriously.

4Know What You Need

Although fashion is becoming more democratic and there are no rules for you to wear your favorite accessories, there are eyewear models that best match each face shape. So what’s the reason the eye doctor prescribed you glasses? Did you misunderstand those super complicated terms? Alright, we’ll explain it to you.

•Myopia – is the difficulty to see from afar.
•Hyperopia – is the difficulty to see closely.
•Astigmatism – is the difficulty to see near and far.
•Presbyopia – is that tired feeling of sight that usually occurs after age 40.

5Know the shape of your face

Rounded – Face with few defined angles and makes forehead and chin round.

Square – Wide forehead and chin, beyond cheek contour until jaw is almost straight.

Diamond – part of the jaw wider than the forehead, chin thinner and more pointed, giving the impression that the underside is more evident than the top.

Oval – This shape resembles an upside-down egg, the width of the face slightly wider than the extension – cheeks slightly wider than the forehead and jaw.

Long – The long face is characterized by features that taper toward the chin.

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6Define your style

Usually, the first time you plan to buy eyeglasses online and choose your glasses, the idea is always the most discreet model possible. This is normal since suddenly you will have an extra complement on your face from then on. As you get used to the frames in your daily life, you can now vary between colors, shapes and sizes. But it is also important to consider your style. If you are a more discreet person, perhaps more neutral models and colors are the most suitable. If you’re keen on fashion and like to dare, bet on more vibrant frames.

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7Choose the lens

Choosing the lens is a very important step when closing your purchase. After all, the lenses need to be in harmony with the frames. The plus has anti-glare and anti-scratch treatment, ensuring a longer life to the lens. Premium, in addition to the same treatments as plus, is also eight times easier to clean and water repellent. In addition to these options, you can also choose the light-fitting Transitions lens, or the Video-filter lens, that bluish lens for those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer, mobile phone and other electronics.

8Anti-glare, anti-scratch and UV100% protection

In addition to the correct grade, your glasses need to protect your eyes and be sturdy so as not to wear out quickly with use. But to achieve all this, you need to pay attention to other factors. An example of this is knowing which treatments your lenses receive before making your purchase. UV protection is an indispensable item in glasses. Especially with the increase of ultraviolet rays at higher temperatures, these rays can damage vision. The anti-glare, in addition to making people see their eyes, almost as if the lenses were “invisible”, help in the durability and cleanliness of their glasses.

9Read reviews from shoppers

This is one of the tips for buying glasses online that goes for almost any product purchased this way. No one better to help you choose your glasses than those who have already bought in the same place. In the case of frames, you can notice the model of the glasses and even look at what type of face the buyer, in case of evaluation with photo. For lenses, it is the best way to know about the results, treatments and adaptation.

So, if you want to buy sunglasses online, simply keep these above points in mind.

Guest Author: Neoma Winston



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