Top 7 Tips for Using Your Old Photos to Create a Video Collage

Old Photos to Video Collage

Give the old photos lying uselessly around a bit of flair by transforming them into something share-worthy and exciting. Yes, you got it right; why not create an attractive video collage using those old pictures in your home?

However, above anything else, know what a collage is. It is a series of pictures placed together in an appealing format. Adding a good collage to a video can help in shortening the runtime of the video while offering it a visual interest at the same time.

In a photo collage, makers can form a collage using various layouts. You can either start from scratch or use a template of your choice. The matter of the fact is you get several layouts to be added to a photo collage and include the same in your video.

Here are the Top 7 Tips that can help you create the best video collages using old photos:

Creating Video Collages Gets Easy Using the Right Software

Are you in possession of a bunch of old photos? Looking to create a video collage out of them? Not a problem when you have the right software at your disposal.

You must put in your time to find software or the best video editor for YouTube, probably for the ones interested in posting their content on YouTube that helps you make fancy collages.

Launch the software and install it on your device to create collages that not only impress the onlookers but help you take pride in your talent. Different tools can help you create dazzling galleries of in-motion pictures.

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Once you are done with the installation of these creative tools on your device, they will automatically open and give you the ease of creating some great work.

Choose the Right Background for the Collage

Choose backgrounds from a complete list of backgrounds available with your collage maker. You should only drag and drop the chosen background-clip onto the video timeline. If you are looking to add your very own customized background, you can do so easily.

Choose the files to add in the video and include them in the collage. You even have the option of using the content available at the online stocks or video collections provided by different sources.

Check out the sources offering relevant material. Best is to select professionally developed background videos because they make the best collages. Here, you should create the overlay as the very first thing.

Audio Management Is the Next Step

The next step of this process is adding proper music to the video. Here, you even have the option of applying your very own voice-over. For adding the right music, simply choose the audio files you want to add from distinct folders on your device.

Drag and drop the audio files to the location where you want them to play in the video. For recording voice-overs, you can use special features on the video editing tool that you are using. The majority of these tools available these days come with options where users can record their voices and use the same in their content.

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Aim at Making the Collage Look Appealing and Gorgeous

When turning old photos into video collages, there are some important factors you need to consider in making your work more appealing and attractive. First of all, you should be very particular about the images.

Make sure the pictures are not too old as they might ruin the quality and the eye-catching appeal of the collage. When working on creating the collage, you must try and incorporate some of your ideas for making the work more interesting to the viewers.

For example, you have the option of bringing in a bit of creativity in the shape of the collage. Video collages will grab attention only when they have an X factor about them. Remember this, and continue putting in the best efforts.

Always Choose Images that Relate to Each Other

Video collages work best assets of pictures with one common message. Even before starting to put together a video collage, think about the patterns for connecting all the different pictures.

There are different ways of combining the images for creating an attractive visual effect. You can use different ways to make the pictures look very best in the visual collage. First, choose images in the same color, feel, and texture.

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Also, have your eyes on finding pictures that relate to each other by the theme and the topic of the collage. Using a bit of negative space in collage is very important. It is the space around the main subject of the image.

In video collages, this space offers all the images in some room to stand out. It even makes it easier for the viewers to see the minutest details of the pictures and how they relate to one another.

Add Text to the Collage

While including text in the collage, make sure it supports the story you are trying to narrate with the pictures. Center the text in a way that they create words that have the focus on the collage. Always use large fonts. Jump cuts and brush strokes are the perfect styles to go for.

Do not include backgrounds for the texts because it might make the collage look drab. Make sure the words you are choosing for the collage are easy to read.

Save the Work

Selecting the desired format of the video collage is very important. The tool that you are using for making the collage will offer you options to choose different formats. So, going for the one that pops up the moment you use the tool is not wise.

Once the format parameters have been specified, you can move on to saving the work so it can be uploaded on a site as instantly as possible. Experiment with diverse styles and formats for creating a fun experience for the viewers.


There you are, ready to transform your old pictures into a beautiful and appealing visual collage. Simply follow the tips mentioned above religiously and give the process a try!

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