List of Top Most Famous and Best Jewellery Designers In India: Since times immemorial, humans have indulged in the art of designing and creating jewellery. Many civilization’s as old as those of Mesopotamia and Egypt were distinguished for their advancements in jewellery and art. Jewellery designing has come a long way from the simple beadwork of ancient times to the sophisticated metalworking and gem cutting of present times.

Jewellery designers, as professionals have an important role to play in the society. It’s with their help and expertise, that we are able to resolve as tedious a task as jewellery selection for various occasions and events. N4M media through its team of experts, went about selecting and choosing the “Top most famous and best Jewellery designers in India” and the list follows:

11Malvika Vaswani

famous jewellery designer malvika vaswani

Based out of Mumbai, Malvika Vaswani is a new cross-disciplinary design house, creating products across categories, bound by a core philosophy. The brand is an expert amalgamation of design, craft and process, resulting in its uniqueness and appeal. The studio believes in creating for each unique instance, what complements an individual user. The designs are based on the philosophy that products aren’t temporary, but long lasting and intrinsically valuable. Malvika Vasvani’s firm belief in honoring the qualities of materials, letting them take appropriate form and function leads to create beautifully designed products.

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10Eina Ahluwalia

Eina Ahluwalia - Best Jewellery designer in India

A jewellery designer based out of Kolkata, Eina trained under the pioneering conceptual jewellery artist Ruudt Peters in Holland, and studied at Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence. She has built a brand of herself and is famous as a luxury jewellery designer of India.

9Alpana Gujral

Alpana Gujral Best Jewellery designer

Daughter of famous artist Satish Gujral, Alpana’s taste of aesthetics developed from the home environment itself. Alpana Gujral is a veteran high end fashion jewellery designer who firmly believes in the fact that Jewelry isn’t meant to make you look rich, rather it’s an essential to adorn you.  A pass out from the Delhi school of art, Alpana’s collections are influenced and give a touch of the Mughal era. Her designs reflect of traditional glimmer infused into modernity.

8Asha Kamal Modi

Asha Kamal Modi - Best Jewellery designer in India

A professionally trained gemologist based out of Delhi, Asha Kamal Modi is a stalwart amongst the Jewellery Designers in India. She started her store under the brand name “Art Karat” as early as year 1988 when jewellery designing was barely establishing itself as a profession. Asha’s jewellery is mostly influenced by traditional Kundan and Rajasthani styles, while in her initial days her designs drew inspirations from the Khajuraho and Mughal art-forms.

7Ms.Poonam Soni

Poonam Soni - Best Jewellery designer in India

Many a hidden talents get identified by fluke and that’s what happened in case of Ms Poonam Soni. Poonam Soni started her career as a hobby. Her designs initially floated on the net and owing to their uniqueness started  becoming popular among the social circles. Poonam is a gold medalist from Delhi University.

She is truly a pioneer who started a luxury brand introducing the concept of ‘bespoke jewelry’, signature boutiques & stressed upon service & craftsmanship. Today Poonam Soni has successfully created India’s first luxury jewelry brand catering to a select & niche clientele.

6Ms.Pallavi Foley

Pallavi Foley Best Jewellery designer in India

A jewellery designer cum artist Pallavi Foley has numerous awards to her credit. She is a graduate from the NIFT Delhi passing out in year 2000. Today, she runs her own studio and boutique in Bangalore. Owing to high demand for her creativity, Pallavi also provides design consultancy to many Indian and International jewellery brands.

Pallavi has over 14 yrs of experience in her field. She has also been called the Elsa Peretti of the new generation by the World Gold Council.

5Neelam Kothari

Neelam Kothari - Best Fashion designer in india

A formal Indian actress turned jewellery designer, Neelam is infact from a family into jewellery making. Even while pursuing acting, she always was interested in jewellery designing and kept herself associated in the family business. She also pursued a course in jewellery-designing from Mumbai and after quitting films in 2001, started off commercially on her own under the brand name Neelam Jewels.  She formally expanded operations launching her jewellery store in Mumbai in 2011 under the name Neelam Kothari Fine Jewels.

4Ms.Varuna D Jani

Varuna D Jani - Best Jewellery designer in India

Based out of Mumbai, Varuna D Jani is a renowned name in Jewellery designing. Providing contemporary designs and customisation of her jewellery, Varuna D Jani launch her signature label ‘Varuna D Jani’ in 2006. Thereafter, she expanded it to a flagship store in 2008. Varuna D Jani puts together a beautiful blend of Indian and International sensibilities in her designs. Her expertise and superior craftsmanship is clearly visible in her collection of stylish masterpieces that she designed over a period of time.

3Ms. Mira Gulati

Mira Gulati Best Jewellery designer in India

She is a Delhi-based designer and owner of the Mirari boutique. Mira Gulati studied and trained in the US as a gemologist and jewellery designer. Mira’s ability to capture the spirit of modernity is amply reflected in her exquisite designs.

2Ms.Nitya Arora

Nitya Arora - Best Jewellery designer in India

Mumbai based Nitya Arora is an alumni of the Parsons School of Design, New York from where she majored in fashion designing. Growing up as a child in South Mumbai, Art Deco architecture has always influenced and inspired her. She founded India’s first luxury fashion jewellery store under the brand name of VALLIYAN in 2008. She has a passion working with semi-precious stones, glass, crystals, metals, acrylic, wood and rare materials, with gold plating for the designs that she keeps innovating.

1Ms.Suhani Pittie

Suhani Pittie Best Jewellery designer in india

Suhani Pittie is a jewellery designer based out of Hyderabad, India. Suhani graduated from the famous Gemological Institute of America, USA. Thereafter, in 2004 she launched her own jewellery store under the brand name SuhaniPittie. Suhani is listed as one of the top 10 most inventive and ingenious jewellery designers in the world by the World Gold Council.

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