The Indian film industry is watched, loved and appreciated all over the world. From it’s
charismatic direction and scripts, to the catchy soundtracks, to the lovely (and beautiful) actors and actresses, there’s nothing not to love about Bollywood. Here, the “N4M Surveys” team collates an authentic list of the “Top 10 Most Fashionable Indian Actresses In Bollywood” which happens to be a recognition and tribute to the entire indian fashion divas that awe and inspire the fashion industry across the world.

8Anushka Sharma

Did you see the huge fashion disaster that happened with Anushka recently? Yeah, us
neither. Anushka Sharma is undoubtedly a fashion diva of Bollywood. The actress-turned-producer is multi talented and even has her own clothing line called NUSH. Now married to one of the biggest names in the cricket world, she is maintaining her style; from the wedding trousseau that was every bride’s dream to the cozy-yet-stylish look she’s sporting recently, we can say Anushka doesn’t know how to make fashion mistakes.

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