The corona virus pandemic has impacted all our lives significantly. It has changed the way we look at health and hygiene. Our working, eating, and communicating habits have gone through a significant transformation as well. Now, we have started looking at potential threats in the environment that were overlooked earlier.

However, with the gradual ease in the lockdown regulations, we are making our way back to our everyday life.Many people are worried about this transition since there is still a risk of being infected through virus transmission. Especially for the working class, one significant concern is workplace safety.

As someone responsible for protecting your employees, you must take the necessary steps to provide a healthy working environment. A primary step towards that is to install a touchless attendance system. The biometric fingerprint attendance system in most office spaces today is a direct contact point for the employees. Installing a technologically advanced attendance system that does not require any contact will help reduce the risk of transmission of any infection or virus.

Let’s look at how a touchless attendance system will help you tackle safety challenges during Covid-19 crisis.

 1.  Face Recognition

Since the pandemic took over, the main focus has been on reducing contact amongst people to curb the transmission rates. A touchless attendance system helps achieve that efficiently in a workspace. It follows an AI-based face recognition algorithm to recognize employees and log their attendance.

The KENT Cam Attendance is a technologically superior device that works in a fraction of second with >99.9% accuracy. It is designed to create a faster and reliable attendance system that is especially helpful to overcome some safety challenges during covid-19  pandemic.

 2.  Mask Detection

The need to wear masks during the pandemic has inspired a new feature in touchless attendance systems called mask detection. KENT Cam Attendance is one of them, which detects if the employee is wearing a mask or not. And it pops a message for it. When the employees stand in front of the device, it recognizes if the person is wearing a mask or not.

In case the employee is not wearing a mask, they are then suggested to wear one.The organization also has an option to enable or disable this feature as per their requirements. If enabled, the attendance will involve a two-step verification process, with and without the mask.

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 3.  Real-Time Data Transfer

Many businesses have switched to manual attendance tracking due to the contact-issue with the fingerprint attendance system. It is not only difficult to manage and time-consuming but also increases the points of contact among people. A contemporary and effective alternative is to invest in touchless attendance systems.

While switching to a newer piece of technology, organizations may be concerned about its efficiency and its advantage. A touchless attendance system,such as KENT Cam Attendance, offers you with an array of such advanced features. It has a secure cloud application that stores employee attendance records in real-time.

Moreover, multiple attendance devices can be installed over different sites with a central control system. It eliminates the possibility of contact further by offering a leave management system as well thereby further addressing the safety challenges during covid-19.

Maximize Efficiency and Safety

The virus outbreak has left us all with fear and anxiety over our safety. We are struggling to get our routine lives back on track while our health is still at risk. However, the collective patience and strength we have displayed in this fight are commendable. Everyday we make conscious decisions to minimize the health risks for ourselves and others around us. The same caution is to be exercised in work spaces.

Different industries are adopting various measures to ensure the safety of employees in the workspace. If you are establishing safety measures for your employees, a touchless attendance system is away to go about it.

While there are many options available in the market, it is best to go with a trusted choice, such as the KENT Cam Attendance. It offers sophisticated features that will ensure your organization is updated to the current needs. Choose Kent Cam Attendance to provide optimum security and benefits to your organization.

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