The most important component of any business is its employees. Employees are the ones who get work done, communicate with customers, and help shape the company’s strategic vision for the future. Unfortunately, finding the right staff that can help your business achieve its goals and prosper for the long term is easier said than done. Recruiting talent can be a very hard task indeed. If you are looking to expand your staff, below are five proven strategies you can use.

1. Recruit From Colleges and Universities

While it may not produce applicants with a wealth of experience in your industry, recruiting directly from colleges and universities is still a sound strategy. It really works well for many companies. There are many ways you can do so. You can launch a college internship program to give students experience in your industry. You could attend career fairs at different campuses to collect applications and resumes. Your company could have speakers at campus events related to your industry. College recruits are likely to be energetic about diving headfirst into the job market. You need that kind of energy at your business to help develop the talent you will need to lead your company into the future.

2. Integrate the Right Recruiting Software

Businesses are likely to receive a plethora of applications for an open position. Depending on the economy, this number can be very large indeed. However, you really only want to interview a small portion of those applicants.

One thing that can certainly make this process far easier is an employment online application software. Such software can allow you to take digital applications. It also removes the data entry work that traditionally went along with receiving applications. All of the work is automated and you’ll be able to more efficiently analyze those applications to choose the best candidates. Such a software even automates the process of following up with applicants to schedule interviews and expand your staff.

3. Institute a Referral Program

In the business world, networking is key. It allows you to find the partners you need to take your company to the next level. It’s also a good idea to integrate the natural benefits of networking into your recruitment efforts, This could be by instituting a referral program. This will allow you to rely on other parties you trust to help you find the qualified candidates you need for important positions within the company.

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Sticking to only using a generalized open application process to expand your staff may not always give you the right candidates. You many not get access to the kinds of specialists you are looking for. Supplementing that process with referrals from industry professionals will help give you the right mix of talent you need for your business.

4. Create a Talent Pool

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in November of 2020 was 6.7 percent. That is a decent amount of Americans to draw from for your company. Still, you should always be compiling information on the individuals most likely to fill certain positions if you can’t find who you need through other means. You can do this by creating a “talent pool.”

Strategies to expand your staff
Talent Pool (Representative Image, pic credits: fauxels)

This would be a database of industry professionals and applicants for previous positions that were passed over. Make sure to include contact information, resumes, and more along with these entries. If you need an opening filled as quickly as possible, having a talent pool to draw from can be extremely advantageous.

5. Seek Out Passive Candidates

A term you should know as an employer is a passive candidate. Passive candidates refer to individuals that are currently employed and don’t appear to be looking for new employment. The reason why you should be looking at such individuals as a company is because they are often the most qualified person for a job. For example, if someone is already a production manager for one of your direct competitors, chances are they would also do a good job managing your own production lines. It’s a good idea to reach out to these individuals. Even if through back channels, let the person know talent is appreciated in your company. Try convincing them to somehow switch over. Also keep in mind, however, that your competitors could do the same thing with your own talented employees.

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Put a lot of effort into finding the right people for your company. Who you hires matters. They will be the ones that create your products, interact with customers, and direct the future of the company. The five options above are good strategies for recruiting the talent you need. Always put the right amount of effort into finding the best candidate for an open position.

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