The film and modelling industries are very vast and surging day by day around the world. Every country has its own damsels epitomising the hottest, beautiful, charming, and appealing characteristics in them. Korea stands in one of those countries with the world’s most beautiful and hottest actresses and models. This country has several beautiful and hottest actresses. N4M Surveys and Reviews team compiles this list of the Top 10 most beautiful and hottest Korean actresses and models. The list evaluates the best in the fashion industry and considered the most attractive beauties from across entire Korean peninsula before shortlisting them here.

Keep reading this article to check out these hottest and most beautiful Korean models and actresses and their short introductory reviews:

9 Song Hye Kye

Song Hye Kye Hottest Korean Model and Actress

In our list of Top 10 most beautiful and hottest Korean Actresses and models, Song Hye Kye stands at No. 09. She was born on 22-NOV-1981 in Dalseo-gu, Daegu, South Korea. She married to Song Jhoong-Kiin 2017 and got divorced in 2019. The main reason by which Song was Internationally famous was her leading role in a Korean TV drama, “Autumn in my Heart.” Song also a Former Figure Skater. Sog Hye Kyes’ Christian name is Lorraine.At the 49th Baeksang Art award, which was held in 2013, Song was awarded the Best Actress for her fantastic role in That Winter, and the Wind Blows. She did many films and became very popular by following blockbusters movies: “The Grand Master (2013)”, “Descendants of the Sun (2016)”, “Hwang Jin Yi (2007)”, “The Winter (2013)”, “Encounter (2018)”.

Song Hye Kye Hottest Model and Actress from Korea

NOTE:Comment below which one of these charming, beautiful and hottest actresses and models you like in our list of the Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Korean Actresses and Models. N4M lists are reviewed semi-annually and we will include your viewpoints as well while deciding the hierarchy or new inclusions. We encourage those deprived of the media reach to make their mark.

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