The world of start-ups is changing everything about our daily lives from how we eat to how we do business to how we take care of our families. New start-ups launch every month but some will succeed while others fall.

Some Of The Best Start-ups Of 2021?

Start-Ups are, basically, business ideas whose execution comes through technology. There are a wide variety of start-up businesses from Ecommerce, Healthcare and Food and beverage start-ups to AI, Finance, Blockchain, Travel, Fashion, Mobile Apps and Playcroco no deposit bonus codes type gaming entertainment start-ups.

Here is a list of some of the best start-ups of 2021:


Riskified Photo: Amit Sha’al

Riskified designs fraud-prevention technology for ecommerce in a way that makes fraud management a growth engine for online retailers.  Goals achieved by Riskified include growing revenue, reducing operating costs and mitigating fraud.

The data that feeds the platform includes behavioral insights, device data and and knowledge about all incurred chargebacks. The Merchant Network provides global coverage of fraud patterns and eCommerce activity so that the business can review the data to make decisions that eliminate risk and uncertainty.

Other highlights include Smart Linking which draws insights from archived transactions, a decision optimizer and performance control, model optimization and synergies between products which lift performance.


Unacademy is India’s largest learning platform with daily live classes, opportunities to practice and review, access all live and recorded classes and prepare for tests with practice sessions, mock tests and shared lecture notes. There are video lessons, live online classes and other rich educational technology platform features.  There’s a Graphy app that can be used to enjoy stories & books interactively, events and an app where all learning experiences can be accessed.


TULU provides property owners with a service that makes their properties more desirable, more accessible and more user-friendly. By signing up for TULU, property owners can increase their prospects for renting out their property and renewing contacts by curating and providing items that residents might want or need.

Rather than storing the various appliances and  other types of items that your residents may be needing for public spaces in your building you can sign up for Tulu which will deliver the items with a one-click seamless transaction.

You can make sure that your renters can, at their convenience, access whatever they might need for the their apartment, lounge, lobby, laundry room, hallway, gym or amenity spaces be it a vacuum cleaner, a film projector, office supplies, a coffee machine or other needed items. You can even provide your renters with scooters and bikes to make it easier for them to move quickly around the city.

Renters will also have the ability to purchase specific items so that they won’t be dependent on leaving the building to shop.


Photo: is an online lending startup that is meant to be a quicker alternative to conventional mortgage lending. Better offers pre-approval on a loan within minutes — full approval can take longer. Better has benefitted from the increase in refinancing that the global economy has experienced over the last 2 years.

5Beyond Verbal

Beyond Verbal uses AI  and Voice to revolutionize Healthcare, Well-being and Emotional Understanding. Beyond Verbal uses the identification of proprietary Vocal Biomarkers to personalize healthcare screening & monitoring based on the patient’s voice.

By analyzing free speech the Vocal Biomarker’s proprietary speaker diarization tool provides non-intrusive, continuous and scalable information.  AI machine leaning, BIG DATA and deep learning techniques allow Beyond Verbal to predict and monitor chronic diseases and human emotions.

High compliance, non-invasiveness and availability of voice enable early screening and real time alerting which can enable  remote monitoring of various health conditions including diabetes, COPD, sleep apnea and cardiovascular (CAD and CHF) conditions.


HiBob is a people management platform that guides companies towards bringing out the best in their employees. In today’s fast-paced global economy, companies, especially new, fast-growing companies, often lose sight of the human aspect of human resources.

HiBob drives culture and engagement by streamlining core HR processes to automate and simplify approval cycles quickly and easily. HiBob has found that an intuitive UI eases arduous tasks so that new hires bond quickly with the company’s culture, values, and people. The streamlined, customizable onboarding process helps both new and veteran team members better connect personally and professionally to others.

7Youth To The People

Photo credits: Twitter/Youthtotheppl

Youth To The People is a family-owned brand that creates pro-grade vegan skincare using unconventional superfood ingredients backed by innovative science. YTTP’s skincare products deliver powerful results thorough professional skincare expertise, research and an ear to the public.

YTTP uses concentrated omega-rich plant oils, superberry antioxidants, hydrating prickly pear and a new flash-melting cleaning balm that dissolves makeup and leaves the user’s face feeling fresh and soft. The company produces products for sensitive, dry and oily skin to calm, replenish, moisturize, plump, brighten, clarify, resurface and firm any skin type.


MikMak believes that if companies can successfully switch to a customer-first midset, they’ll be able to accelerate online sales more efficiently and effectively. Through the MikMak marketing analytics and eCommerce enablement software, brands will understand and perfect their customer’s online journey so that online sales increase.

MikMak works across social channels, influencer media, video, programmatic SEO, and the brand’s own website to drive both retail and online sales.

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