Why should you be mindful about nutritious food in the first place?

Have you ever thought that what keeps your immune system strong and keeps you healthy, energetic and fit throughout the day? The definite response would be adapting the habit of taking a balanced diet. Well, to live a healthy life and improve upon its longevity, you will definitely need to put in some efforts and take a step in the right direction. And there could be no better way than to inculcate the habit of eating healthy and nutritious foods in your regular diet.

Does Vegetarian Diet Really help to Restore Health?

Since ages, meat-eating has been a customary feature of the festivities, parties, and other ceremonial occasions. Exclusive researches have made this concept under a cloud of doubt with another perspective. Like, there has been a close association of meat-eating with complex diseases like cancer and other cardiovascular disorders.

However we do not intend to dwell on the merits and demerits of vegetarian foods or non-vegetarian foods. Here I shall only restrict to those who are vegetarians and which are the best vegetarian foods that can be recommended for a healthy pregnancy.

Best Vegetarian Foods for a Healthy Pregnancy

Eating well should be a top-notch choice at all stages of life especially in pregnancy because at that stage intake of a balanced diet can prove nutritious not only for you but your baby too. There are multiple benefits of taking a balanced diet during pregnancy. Adoption of healthy and balanced diet by including all the required vitamins and minerals ensures a healthy weight gain and to a great extent keeping away pregnancy complications. Most of the benefits can be easily availed if you ensure the intake of these Top 10 Best Vegetarian Foods in your diet during pregnancy.

1. Make Tofu a Meat substitute in a Favorite Sandwich or Soup:

Vegan Sandwich with Tofu and Lettuce (Photo credits: Lachlan Ross)

Protein-rich foods have multiple benefits for the body like proven benefits for the growth and development of the baby. Protein sources are multiple. They are available in both plant-based and animal-based. Plant-based protein foods can be so beneficial during the pregnancy phase by ensuring the optimal health status of mother and baby. Simply, you can meet up this by having beans, pulses, legumes, seeds, and tofu as your major meal.  These items not only provideproteins but also fiber which shows plenty of benefits on the health of the baby and developing fetus.

2. Fortified Soya & Nuts

Fortified Soya and Nuts
Fortified Soya and Nuts (Photo credits: Luna Lovegood)

Intake of fortified dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and milk can be the ideal choice for the replacement of minerals and vitamins deficiency during pregnancy. These dietary items fulfill the dire need for calcium, iodine, and riboflavin during pregnancy.But the ones who avoid using animal-based products can surely get benefits by opting for fortified soy and nut products as the optimum source of calcium.  So, the beneficial effects of fortified yogurt and milk beverages can be treated in plenty of ways, plenty of times, and in plenty of groups. You can be the one to opt for them.

3. Focus on Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables (Photo credits: Abet Llacer/Pexels)

Fresh fruits and vegetables can be a prime nutritious source for a healthy body.  During pregnancy need for vitamin A gets high because vitamin A has potential effects on epithelial development and growth. It performs a role in the better development of a baby’s skin, eyes, and digestive tract.  Vitamin A can be found in plenty of food items but mainly in green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, and broccoli, fruits like oranges, carrots, and cereals.  You can take them in several ways like as a fruit juice, salad bowl, and in the raw form as well.  If you want to enjoy tenure of healthy pregnancy make the optimal intake of fruits and vegetables a part of your diet.

4. Take Fluids like Orange Juice and Water

Orange Juice (Photo credits: ROMAN ODINTSOV/Pexels)

Hydration is the dire need of the body. Especially the state of pregnancy greatly requires the body to be hydrated to be prevented by complications like constipation and urinary tract infections as a result. Statistics show that a pregnant woman requires about 2 liters of fluid intake per day. It can be in the form o0f water and juices like orange juice and banana shake. Because 20-30% of water comes from the food we eat, so it should be kept optimal by taking atleast 8 glasses of water per day. However, the space can be fulfilled by taking nutritious drinks like Rubicon Mango sparkling juice as well.  Make sure things, help you sustain the better health of yourself and the developing fetus.

Ref: World health organization (2016) on Good Maternal Nutrition; The Best Start in Life; last updated August 1, 2021, Accessed (11-11-2021)

5. Morning Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast (Photo by Kasumi Loffler/Pexels)

Sweet potatoes are a vital source of beta carotene and a plant-based compound that is easily converted into vitamin A in the human body. Their intake is an exemplary standard for the growth and development of the baby. Sweet potatoes provide multiple benefits by acting as a source of fiber thus alternatively the best choice to live a healthy, longer, and life with the best digestive health and low sugar status. You can enjoy the taste of sweet potatoes by trying it in combination with Morning avocado toast which provides benefits both ways. Apart from these, the role of fiber in preventing constipation can’t be denied elsewhere.

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