Workers in India are set to face longer days and lower pay in a "race to the bottom", academics, activists and unions said, as Indian labour laws getting suspended to help industry recover from the coronavirus lockdown
Indian Labourers face the worst onslaught on multiple fronts. Not only their meagre income is lost, but now they risk contracting COVID19 or face starvation
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India's solar and gas fired electricity generation rose in April even as overall power demand plummeted at the steepest monthly rate in at least thirteen years
Famous Economist Arun Kumar Analyses The Lockdown And Aftermath - Need For Realism In Planning. Lockdown has brought untold hardships for everyone but especially for marginalized sections..
It's time to act. 11 Crore Peoples lives is in danger. Imperative That Govt Steps In Immediately To Protect these 11 crore People Engaged In MSMEs across India
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With the power of innovation and the spirit of entrepreneurship having been unleashed by young India, it's time for some Tough Decisions in post covid19 era
Battling COVID19 outbreak will require political will and decisive actions from the government in terms of ramping up the healthcare infrastructure, ensuring public distribution of essentials to fulfil basic needs, and income transfers to the poor, among others. The government should not constrain such expenditures in view of maintaining the permissible limit of fiscal deficit. A higher fiscal deficit may not be inflationary now, since demand is drastically down.
While the Poor Trudged Hundreds of Kilometres On Foot To Reach Homes, DHFL Caravan Covered 180 Kms, Zipping Past Several Police Posts Amidst Lockdown
Virtual assistants have been on the rise all around the world and the current corona virus pandemic will likely see more people who will work from home
Entrepreneurs & Business Heads React To Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Decision of Lockdown for 21 days to mitigate the risks of Covind19 spreading in India
Even in short recession serious social effects appear but in a long term economic depression there will be widespread social breakdown. Homelessness & hunger would grow. Thus imperative that the world prepares for the imminent economic depression
Payroll software is not just about providing salaries to employees on time. Neither tracking worked hours. A cloud-based payroll system also keeps any legal claims and false compliance at bay. It ensures company's reputation do not degrade due to such small errors, which rather..