We all know that maintaining a good posture when sitting for long periods has a whole host of benefits, but few of us actually make an effort to do it. 

But did you know that a proper posture can even help you become a better gamer? This is sure to be the motivation you need to start correcting your posture straight away! So, in this guide, we have compiled ten top tips and pieces of advice to help you improve your gaming through posture

Where Should I Sit When Gaming?

PC gaming, of course, takes place at a desk. But what about other types of gaming? Thanks to wireless controllers and Bluetooth headsets, you can sit just about anywhere to play console games. 

For many of us, the couch seems the most logical place to sit when gaming – you get a good view of the TV, and it’s unbeatable in terms of comfort. However, slouching on the sofa wreaks havoc on the body – it’s very difficult to maintain a good posture on the couch. 

For that reason, it’s better to sit at a desk with the correct posture (which we’ll tell you more about later) when gaming. It’s even better if you pair a dedicated gaming chair with your desk, as this will help give adequate support to the parts of the body that need it when gaming. 

Why is Good Posture Important When Gaming?

Posture plays a role in a range of bodily functions, contributing to breathing, mobility, and how efficiently our muscles are used. Poor posture means our muscles have to work harder to support the body, leading to aches and pains further down the line. 

Many gamers sit in a hunched position rather than more upright. Hunching over a computer makes breathing more difficult as the chest can’t expand as fully in this position. It’s also more difficult to move the arms from this position compared with sitting with the back straight. 

How Posture Affects Gaming Performance

Now on to the important part – how exactly can sitting with a good posture help make you a better gamer

We’ve touched on how you can move your arms more freely when sitting correctly above. So, how does this make you a better gamer? Well, it means that the muscles in this part of the body can work more efficiently and tire less easily. So, you can focus on the game without worrying about niggling pain in your wrists or hands. 

Your body not only performs better physically when the posture is correct but also brain function is improved. That’s because, as noted above, breathing is easier when in a good posture. So, this leads to better circulation, which in turn helps us to remain clear-headed and confident. Therefore, a good posture is crucial when gaming on a professional level. 

How to Sit at a Desk With Good Posture

Gaming Posture
Photo credits: Seyed Sina Fazeli

So, how do you ensure you have a good posture when gaming? If you are sitting at a desk, here is what you should do: 

  • Keep your feet flat on the floor, ensuring your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. Adjust the height of your chair or use a footstool if necessary. 
  • Relax your shoulders – don’t hunch or tense them.
  • Sit close enough to the desk that you can reach the keyboard and mouse without extending your arms. In other words, your elbows should be by your side and level with the height of the desk. 
  • Adjust the height of the monitor, so it is at eye level – you shouldn’t have to look up to it. 
  • Ensure your lower back is well-supported, either with a pillow or the built-in cushioning on your gaming chair. 

Good Posture in Floor Gaming Chairs

If you are gaming on a console and can’t sit at a desk, a floor gaming chair is a great option to ensure you maintain a good posture throughout your gaming session. 

These chairs are designed in such a way to promote good posture – they allow for the natural curvature of the spine while also providing sufficient support. They can support substantial amounts of weight and have a range of other features for gamers, such as built-in Bluetooth speakers. 

Mobile Gaming and Good Posture

Mobile Gaming and Good Posture
Photo credits: Photo by SCREEN POST

Mobile devices are notorious for causing poor posture, resulting in aches and pains in those using them for extended periods of time. However, there are a few ways to ensure you don’t get a sore neck or back when gaming on a mobile device. 

First, try holding the device at eye level rather than straining your neck by looking down on it. Looking down for long periods puts a huge amount of stress on your spine, which is why you will probably feel sore afterward. 

Or, you could try sitting in a gaming chair, as discussed above. You might find this more comfortable than trying to hold your device up when sitting on the sofa. And, they are designed to be ergonomic, offering considerable support for your neck and back. 

Incorporate Regular Breaks and Posture Checks into Your Day

It can be difficult to keep track of time when you are engrossed in a game. However, it is crucial to perform posture checks regularly throughout a long gaming session to ensure you haven’t fallen back into bad habits. 

Try setting the alarm to remind yourself to check your posture, or do it at the end of every round of your game. It’s also a good idea to get up and move around at this time, as sitting for very long periods, even with a great posture, is still not ideal for our health. 

Using a Keyboard and Mouse Correctly

Photo credits: Morgan Richardson

Now you know how to sit properly when gaming, let’s look at maintaining the correct posture when using peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse. 

As mentioned previously, it’s essential to keep your arms parallel to the floor, and your wrist should remain in a neutral position when using a mouse. Try to hold the mouse with the palm of your hand, rather than gripping it with bent fingers. You can find wrist supports available for both keyboards and mice – it’s worth investing in one if you find you often get wrist pain after gaming on a PC for long periods. 

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