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Medical technology has advanced significantly in the last few years, resulting in breakthroughs that make senior care more effective and reliable. The growth of AI, improved medical screening equipment, connectivity via mobile devices, and other trends have changed the landscape of providing support to elderly populations.

If you have a relative who is in this group, your number one concern is often about their health. Whether they live in their own home or have made the transition into a long-term care facility, we all want the best for our loved ones physically.

Fortunately, new technologies are making that task easier. Here are just a few advancements that are having a positive impact on senior care in 2022.

Hospice caring elderly (File Photo)

Wearable devices to track health

Devices like fitbits and medical alert bands are significantly improving the monitoring strategies of caregivers. When a senior is at home, these technologies can help track their activities and bodily functions like heartbeat, sleeping patterns, and movement. They can also be set up for automatic alerts to be sent to a doctor, loved one, or emergency service if an injury or other concerning event occurs. Using data from these devices helps doctors track the status of a patient’s health, often revealing information that the patient might not know is a cause for concern.

Artificial Intelligence assists with identifying problems

The rise of AI is having a massive effect on almost every industry. Processes that had to be monitored or run by a human in the past can now be performed in real time and advanced programming allows for automation. For example, AI can be used to detect small changes in behavior when paired with certain technologies like wearable devices. Changes that might normally go unnoticed by caregivers can be picked up on by AI software, which can then alert a family member or doctor. Additionally, AI can help with more precise detection of cancer in a patient. This new development is assisting doctors and family members as they care for their aging loved ones.

Remote health care practices

Telehealth is a newer trend that has made immediate care much more accessible. Instead of having to schedule an appointment that could be weeks or even months away, patients have a quicker option to address concerns that they have or changes they experience. Using video technology and upgraded programs, one can essentially undergo a doctor’s appointment at home. Though it is less helpful than an in-person exam, it can be critical for early detection of a health issue where the doctor can ask questions and even take a virtual look at the area of concern.

Advanced medical equipment for procedures

Since technology is always improving, this category is also evolving consistently. But with the increased usage of robotics, wearable devices, 3D printing, and other newer advances, medical equipment is constantly upgrading and becoming more effective. In 2022, there are several technologies that are improving health care practices, directly benefiting populations that are at an increased risk for diseases and the need for surgery.

Personal connection is more convenient

An important aspect of senior care is their mental health state. While they are more limited in the kind of activities and travel that they can partake in, things like Zoom, Facetime, and mobile devices can allow for frequent personal connection with family members and friends. Let’s say you are unable to visit your elderly loved one at a long-term care facility, but you have a few minutes for a video call. The more you can connect with them, the better their mental health will be. Plus, seeing your loved one face-to-face could help you identify if there are any problems with their stay in a long-term care facility. If the worst should happen, you can always contact the Nursing Home Law Center. These technologies allow for more communication between elderly individuals and those they care about, which can be a huge lift for their overall health.

Senior care is improving as a result

Overall, the invention of new technologies has helped senior care advance and become far more effective. Wearable devices and AI have led to better diagnostic practices and health tracking, while the popularity of telehealth and virtual connectivity helps eldery individuals communicate with their caregivers and their family members. There are plenty of other advancements such as augmented reality, the internet of things, and more personalized medical experiences that have improved health care possibilities for this population. If you want to have the best care for your loved one as they age, learn more about how new technologies can be utilized and discover what will help them live a longer and healthier life. 

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