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PM Modi’s “Farm Laws Repealed” Announcement And The Aftermath

After almost a year of, what has been inarguably the biggest protest movement in recent times, the government of India blinked on the three Farm Laws

India’s Redundant Sedition Law – More Misused Than Gainfully Used

States use various draconian laws to legitimise the frivolous arrests of those critical of the government and thus stifle dissent. One such law is the sedition law

Should India Relook & Do Away With It’s Culture of Doling...

It is high time that all political parties must relook and do away with the culture of doling out freebies for winning elections.

Politicisation Of The Armed Forces Is Not About Their Joining Politics

The apolitical nature of the army has been a great boon for our democracy. It is both good and fortunate, particularly when we look at the troubled history of our neighbour. Read on..

Piggybacking The Armed Forces For Political Gains – India Elections 2019

I wish this election season would end soon. I am not anxious about who will form the next government or to know who our...

How Low Can The Politicians’ Stoop? Elections 2019

In a deplorable incident during voting in Jabalpur on 28th April, the army was dragged into an avoidable controversy. Based on the directions of...

Is Politics The Last Refuge Of The Scoundrels – India?

Man is by nature a political animal’. Due to his nature, man should consider and realise his role within the ‘polis’. But eventually, over a period of time, politics in some countries has become the last refuge of the scoundrels.

Trump Reiterates, Wont Let H1B Visa Holders to Usurp US Jobs

President-elect Donald Trump's resolve not to allow H1B Visa holders to replaced Americans could hurt the Indian and Chinese workers the most. Pertinent to note...

DeMonetisation Stress – British MP Calls On India To End Uncertainty

Demonetisation Stress – Virendra Sharma, one of Britain’s senior-most Indian-origin MP, has called on the Indian government to end the uncertainty surrounding demonetisation of...

Amitabh Bachchan Confesses: Taking A Stand On Issues Is Tough

Not Everyone has the "Courage of Conviction" and the spine to stand up and air his opinion in public and Amitabh Bachchan is no...

Mamata Banerjee Refuses To Leave Secretariat, Wants Army Withdrawn to Barracks

There was high drama in Kolkata on Thursday evening when West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee accused the Centre of deploying the army at...

High Court Directs Delhi Police To Shun Politics And “Find Najeeb”

The Delhi High Court on Monday sternly asked the Delhi police to cut through politics and track down Najeeb Ahmed, the Jawaharlal Nehru University student...

Govt Tries Soothing Fears Of Mass Layoffs By MSME’s Due Demonetisation

With business transactions dropping to abysmal low levels against the backdrop of demonetisation, some sectors reporting upto 80% business volume reduction, the government today...

Demonetisation: Goldman Sachs Downs India GDP Growth Forecast From 7.6 To...

Demonetisation Blues setting in. Goldman Sachs has forecast a deceleration in India’s GDP growth to 6.8% this fiscal, down from 7.6% last financial year,...

Demonetisation Blues – Sensex Closes At 6 Month Low

Indian stock market recorded its fourth straight weekly loss, with the Sensex sliding 669 pts to end at a six-month low of 26,150.24 and...

SC At Loggerheads With Centre – Refuses To Budge On Collegium...

Confrontation is brewing up between the country's Central Govt and the Supreme Court of India as the latter stuck to its Collegium recommendations by outrightly...

Govt Finds Support In Action Against ‘Multiple And Benami Property’

Its not a hidden fact that much of the Black Money In Modern India is also in the form of Multiple Properties, some even...

#WhereIsNajeeb : A Mother Wails, No One Hears

The tears just do not stop. “It is 13 days and my child is nowhere to be seen”, Najeeb's mother keeps repeating with a helplessness...