Fitness is the key to live a healthy life. People never compromised when their fitness is on the line. In present age, technology has improved a lot. Everyday a number of gadgets are being introduced to make your workouts better. With this advanced technology, it has become difficult for the people to select gadgets for their workouts. People are getting confused where they should invest their money. Or which gadget they should use for taking their workouts to next level. Workout gadgets have become an important part of health and fitness industry.

Here is a list of the top 10 fitness gadgets that you must use to take your workout to next level.

1Finis Neptune:

Finis Neptune - Fitness Gadgets

Music is always a powerful tool to motivate a person to run another mile or lap. But during swimming people cannot listen to music. Not any more. Now people can even listen to music during swimming by using Finis Neptune.

Finis Neptune is limited to person’s eye wear. This device carries sound through bone conduction, to the audio canal of our ears, without using any ear buds.

It has unique features like 8 hours rechargeable battery and a storage space of about 4GB. This device conducts music more clearly underwater. These features make it best to use as a unique fitness gadget.


Harpifork - In List of Top 10 Fitness Gadgets

People often face difficulty in managing their potion size. Hapifork is best to use to manage your portion size. These tiny forks start vibrating when you are eating speedily.

These forks can also regulate the amount and duration of eating. It is easy to use and can even track your data with the help of related app.

3Fitbit Aria:

Fitbit aria is a digital weighing machine. This device is more than just a weighing machine. It measures your fat levels and calculates your BMI and then transfers it to your personal computer to take a record of your progress. Your progress report can be calculated through different apps. This device can be synched with other device like mobile phones and capable of notifying you your respective goal.

4Mighty Sat

Mighty sat is a kind of finger oximeter. This device can attach to your finger and can measures your oxygen level, pulse and breathing rate and perfusion index.

One of its characteristics that distinguish it from other oximeter is its ability to separates arterial signs from other noise and gives you an accurate reading. That’s why people with heart diseases can regulate their health by using this device.

5Tangram Smartrope:

Tangram smartrope is an invention which can be used to measure your calories, goal achievements and notify you your progress. It is a smart rope that keeps the count of your jumps and measures your physical activity level.

This is another one on the top 10 best fitness gadgets to use when you are a rookie. Smartrope app is also easily available. You can connect this device with respective app and can record your progress.

6Sensori Smart Socks:

Most of the people wear socks while running or working out but it would be great if these socks become our personal trainers and it is now possible through sensori smart socks. These types of socks have electrodes that are embedded in their fabric which tracks the heart rate so that we can optimize our work out. These socks helps in improving foot landing, cadence, pace and speed. One can also compare shoes with respect to the suitability of feet. All we have to do is to connect the socks with sensori run app and get real time feedback on activity from a virtual watch.

7LARQ- Self Cleaning Bottle:

For the people who are very concerned with their work out and health, there comes a smart bottle with a self cleaning function. The good feature about it that it can be re-usable and re-chargeable. This updated bottle helps to get rid of harmful germs after every 2 hours. In this bottle the cleaniyof water is done by digital purification from 280nm UV-CLED that helps to get rid of harmful germs and people become assured of drinking clean water every time.

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LARQ bottle helps to keep water hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. The best thing about this bottle is that we don’t have to charge it again and again because there is a lithium polymer battery used in this bottle and we can go on without charging it for up to a month.

8Withings Body Cardio:

This fitness gadget resembles weighing machine but actually it’s not a weighing machine. It is just like a smart scale that gives the information about body pounds and weight as well as heart rate, body composition and other information. We can also share this information to our smart phone through health mate app.

9Vyper Vibrating Fitness Roller:

This is the high intensity vibrating fitness roller called vyper that warms up the body and recovers before and after every workout. This fitness roller contains a powerful core and latest technology that’s ensures power performance and durability. The best feature of this fitness roller is its 40W motor that delivers maximum vibration to body to warm it up faster. Its cordless compact design that is easy for use and its exterior is made up of eco- friendly EPP foam with a smooth and grooved exterior.

10Kettle Bell Connect:

Kettle bell have a compact design that allows everyone to workout anywhere. By connecting this kettle bell with apple watch or iPhone we can track our sets, reps, weight, and rest time so we can set our goals and monitor program anytime.

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