Life is a roller-coaster ride full of tensions, anxiety, exhaustion and various other problems. Our daily chaotic life gives us plenty of reasons to be stressed and vulnerable. Moreover in present scenario when a person seems to be living in virtual world glued to technology and social media and away from constructive family routines and social get-togethers, then there has to be a way by which we can make wrong things correct in our lives.

Travelling comes as a super solution to all such problems. Whether you travel alone or with family and friends, it always should be aimed to get relief from hectic routines, to relax and rejuvenate yourself and /or a getaway to spend some quality time with dear ones and make a lot of happy memories.

All thanks to greater rate of media exposure, advertisements, awareness and value for money tour offers , today people are opening up to travel and explore new places, take up adventure trips oreven small weekend getaways all of which trigger enthusiasm and happiness. Travelling of any sort helps us to clear our mind, distract ourselves from the work or family pressures, become more aware and informed and get rid of the physical and mental tiredness.

Being healthy does not only mean to be physically fit, it also includes mental and emotional health. Often we ignore the mental health. Travelling takes you to a new environment that steals your stress and let you have the peace. While travelling let go of all your worries and challenge your mind. It will help you to be a better and healthier person by bringing out the different emotions of happiness and enthusiasm.

Travelling also brings out the positivity and energy from within; it boosts up the confidence and owes you precious time and valuable memories that makes you smile whenever you fondly remember the time. Travelling always helps you in developing better version of you.

Travelling is amazing but it can also be stressful and detrimental to our health when we are constantly on the go. As the popular saying goes “Health is Wealth”, time while travelling can be made amazing only if we are healthy and take proper measures to remain healthy throughout the trip. When we believe it to be a stress-buster then ensure that you plan your travel in such a way that it should keep you relaxed, rejuvenated and enthusiastic.

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For enjoying your escapade you need to keep your body fit and healthy. Below are some of the points that you should keep in mind while travelling:

BE AWARE: Collect all possible information related to environmental conditions or prevalent or probable disease outbreak at the place you intend to visit so that you may either avoid going to any such place.

SELECT YOUR PLACE OF STAY WISELY: Enquire about the hotel well before doing the bookings. Be sure of the cleanliness and hygienic quality of the place so that you do not end up falling sick.

CARRY A MEDICAL KIT: Beprepared with your first aid kit with all necessary medicines, ointments and bandages in case of emergency.

SLEEP WELL WHILE YOU TRAVEL: Travelling can be harsh on your body as you carry luggage, cross time zone, walk to places and so forth. So make sure you give proper rest to your body.

WATCH YOUR PACE: Plan your itinerary as per your time limit. Don’t try to include too many activities or places to visit in one day. Slow down your pace and distribute your plans evenly taking priority of your health.

EAT YOUR BREAKFAST: Make sure you don’t skip your first meal of the day. Breakfast in any case is essential for health so as to keep up your supply of energy for day long activity. You may even carry oatmeal, cornflakes and fruit and ask for hot water or milk from the hotel kitchen and make your own healthy breakfast. You may even keep biscuits, cakes, breads, packaged juices, instant noodle cups, etc. when you are on the go and feel hungry and want to avoid eating at roadside unhygienic places.

KEEP YOURSELF HYDRATED: Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and metabolically active. Always carry water bottle when you step out of the hotel room. Purchase only sealed and good quality packaged water.

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TAKE CARE OF YOUR NUTRITION: Do not compromise on your health by only eating outside each time. Obviously you may want to enjoy the local cuisine or the popular delicacies but be very sure of the food ingredients and quality of the place where you eat. Munch on fresh fruits or nuts whenever you feel like bingeing. Eat only when you feel hungry and eat just 80% of your appetite. It’s better to keep your stomach light whenever you are travelling as a full stomach can induce vomiting too.

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EAT MORE OF VEGGIES AND CUT DOWN MEAT: Whenever you are travelling to a new place and are not fully aware of the type of meat or animal part being used in a dish, avoid choosing non-veg items. Instead a good spread of vegetarian delicacies will do equally good. Pick healthier options to get balanced nutrition.

FITNESS IS IMPORTANT: Schedule some exercises or stretching in your entire day plan. Stretching relaxes your tensed muscles and joints and some moderate physical activity will maintain your blood pressure and heart rate and will balance your calorie intake. Breathing exercises in between your adventure trip will give you much needed break and relaxation.

WALK AS MUCH AS YOU CAN: Walking not only boosts up your metabolism but it also cuts down the in-transit expenditures. Also you will enjoy a sight more if your pace is slow and walking obviously gives you time to witness your surrounding at your convenience. Being active and roaming around the city, exploring every nook and corner, uphill or downhill, looking for shopping areas or eateries will add to the zeal and at the end of your holiday you will have great amount of knowledge and memories.

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USE WET TISSUES AND HAND SANITIZERS: Hygiene and cleanliness should be your priority when you are outside your home. Handy wet tissues or towel and sanitizers will solve the purpose of cleaning your hand before and after a meal when you can’t locate a washroom.

CUT DOWN ALCOHOL: Alcohol adds up to our calorie intake and may even disrupt your sleep. You may like to enjoy a drink and relax on your vacation and that’s fine. The keyword here is moderation. Enjoy everything in its limit and you will be merrier.

PROTECT YOUR SKIN: Use proper moisturizing or sunscreen lotions with proper SPF when you are travelling to a beach or place with good amount of sun. You may also carry insect repellents to avoid mosquito or insect bites.

Travelling is one of the best things you can do to take care of your physical as well as mental health. Be sure to pack your bags and plan a proper vacation whenever you get the opportunity.

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