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Retinal Detachment: Keys To Detect Its Symptoms

Retinal detachment is a severe eye disease that in many cases occurs without prior warning, although it usually presents symptoms that we must know...

What is Cataract And How To Prevent It?

Although cataracts are very common and occur due to ocular ageing, avoiding the risk factors associated with their development as much as possible can delay their appearance.

5 Tips For Keeping Your Cool In Summer Heat

When temperatures increase, it's time to take precautions. Here we explore five effective tips for keeping your cool in the summer heat.

What Are Grainy Eyes And What Causes Them?

Rough or Grainy eyes are often described as the feeling of having sand in the eyes. We explore the causes and symptoms of grainy eyes in detail..

3 Steps To Add To Your Nightly Skin Care Routine

As you age, you need more attention to your skin. This is why it's best to add the following three steps to your nightly skincare routine.

What You Need To Know About Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL) is a broader term used to define the various lymphomas affecting the lymphatic system, including the lymph nodes and lymph tissue.

Recommended Diet And Foods That Every Diabetic Must Know

Recent estimates show that the total number of diabetic patients has doubled in last 20 years. Here is the recommended diet and foods that every diabetic must know about.

Prepare for Robust Future Defence from Pandemics

let 'Be Future Ready' be the mantra of self defence both at the individual as well as organizational and national levels.

Top 10 Best Vegetarian Foods For A Healthy Pregnancy | Shubi...

Adoption of healthy and balanced diet by including all the required vitamins and minerals ensures a healthy weight gain and to a great extent keeping away pregnancy complications.

Pathology In India Set To Experience Wide Range Digital Transformation

Global Collaboration with Crosscope to impact Digital Transformation in Cancer Diagnostics in India and emerging countries.

Prevention of Cervical Cancer & Importance of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine

The Indian ASSOCHAM is engaged in conducting a web series towards Empowering Preventive Healthcare for Women. The first one on Prevention of Cervical Cancer” with CFI as knowledge partner was conducted successfully

Know How Breastfeeding Helps in Post Pregnancy Weight loss

Breastfeeding burns 500-700 calories a day. Here are the main factors and some tips for you that will help you lose weight after pregnancy.

Top 6 Touchless Technologies For Healthcare Providers

The healthcare sector has started to turn to new measures that prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Here are 6 Touchless technologies for healthcare providers

Victory Unnoticed In The Pandemic

While the world fought Covid-19, humanity achieved victory against another life-threatening disease. Though this achievement did garner media attention, for the masses, it is still a hidden gem. et’s take a look!

Best Course Of Therapy For Brain Cancer | 08 June, The...

In India, the rate of Central Nervous System (CNS) tumors varies between 5 to 10 per 100,000 people. Lets check Best course of Therapy For Brain Cancer on this world Brain Tumor Day

Want To Know Your Immunity Level (Score) And How To Increase...

Want To Know Your Immunity Level And How To Increase It? Ask Shubi Husain. It helps you to know as to where you stand w.rt. your immunity level by grading you on the basis of 8 simple Yes/No Questions carrying 1 point each

High Time India’s Healthcare Is Accorded The Priority It Deserves

The pandemic has opened the eyes of the general public to the sorry state of affairs of India’s healthcare system. High Time Healthcare in India is accorded the priority it deserves

Poor Nutrition Alters Body’s Fight Against Infection – Could Protect Against...

We study possible links between SARS-CoV-2 infection, COVID-19 and nutrition in the Developing World. Poor Nutrition alters body's fight against infection & help protect from severe COVID-19