Teaching Mandarin Chinese Language

Another Step Towards Closer Cooperation & Collaboration | India – Taiwan

Amity University, India signs MOU with Taipei Economic and Cultural Center (TECC). The latter to teach Mandarin Chinese Language to the students of Amity University Haryana thus enhancing cooperation and collaboration between India and Taiwan
Science and Technology Policy

Science And Technology Policy for National Dev Needed for New India

The scientists of the world that includes India have so far focused on physical sciences. Now is the need the need for thought leadership to cast a new vision for the Science, Technology & Innovation policy for nation’s development
Bidens stance on Immigration

Biden’s Ruminated Stance On Immigration Bodes Well For Indians Seeking The American Dream

Biden has remained vocal that his immigration policy will be vastly different than that of his predecessor. With the new changes, many of the complications concerning visas due to the coronavirus pandemic could be solved.
Debt Consolidation For Millenials

What Is Debt Consolidation? Advantages And Disadvantages Of This Tool For Millennials

Debt consolidation is what allows you to pay off smaller loans, liabilities, and consumer debts by taking out one big loan. This tool has many advantages and disadvantages that we highlight here for millennials.
digital rupee

Digital Rupee or Bitcoin? India’s Crypto Investors Mull New Options in Face of Impending...

With a new Digital Rupee stable coin project India aims to offer an alternative to its public as Crypto Investors mull new options
Tubular plate battery - Luminous

Know What Makes Tubular Plate Battery The Best Battery For Inverter

A tubular plate battery is considered to be the best battery for inverter because it is suitable for areas with longer and fewer power cuts like a tier 2 or tier 3 city or the city outskirts.
Corporate relocation tips

6 Corporate Relocation Tips for Easier Employee Transfers

Moving is not an easy task. Add in having to transfer employees with you too, it becomes all the more difficult. Here are 6 corporate relocation tips for easier employee transfers.
Social media marketing tips

Social Media Marketing Tips For Successful 2021

Do you have a company? Maybe you have an offer? It’s time to start positioning on social networks. Here are a few Social Media Marketing Tips for a successful year ahead
Things to know before Renting

5 Things To Know Before Renting

Those who don’t want to own a house and prefer ability to rent without the hassles that come with home ownership. While renting is a great option, there are a few things everyone should know before doing so.
How Do Online Casinos Work

How Do Online Casinos Work?

In a world that is growing increasingly connected with the rising popularity of the internet, online casino platforms are just looking to ride that upward wave as well. Let's take a Look at How Do Online Casinos Work?
UAE's Opening Of Citizenship

Impact Of UAE’s Opening Of Citizenship! Will More Arab Nations Follow Suit?

Impact Of UAE's Opening Of Citizenship to a Select Group Of Professionals! Will More Arab Nations Follow Suit?
Relevance of Quad and Indo-pacific framework

Relevance Of QUAD & Strengthening Of Indo-Pacific Framework In Biden Era

With China emerging as a Power to reckon with, let's analyse the Relevance Of QUAD & Strengthening Of Indo-Pacific Framework In a Post Trump, Biden Era
Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day

6 Ways To Celebrate This Valentine’s Day

it is a good idea to start planning how to celebrate Valentines Day now. We have a few ideas to take your Valentine’s Day to the next level! Giving you and your beau a night you will never forget.
Defense Exports

Defence Exports – Imperative For Nations To Remain Relevant

A flourishing Defence Industry, capable of ready exports to rake in big moolah. An imperative that shall hold good for nations to remain relevant.
Boost Your Company's Social Media Presence

How to Boost Your Company’s Social Media Presence?

The right social media presence will help grow your business and drive more attention. Here is how to boost your company’s social media presence:
Equipment effectiveness score

Here Is How You Improve If You Have A Very Low Overall Equipment Effectiveness...

Everyone wants their equipment and assets to perform well at a low overall cost. Here Is How You Improve If You Have A Very Low Overall Equipment Effectiveness Score
Mistakes first time nonfiction authors make

7 Common Mistakes Made by First-Time Nonfiction Authors and How to Fix Them

Many first-time nonfiction authors find it very difficult to adjust to the changing demands of readers. Here are 7 Common Mistakes Made and How to Fix Them.
Industrial Data Communication

The Essence of Industrial Data Communication – A Must Know

An effective industrial data communication network lays the ground for highly resourceful inter-operability across all automation parts, thereby enabling companies to tactically use their production plants and reply more supplely than ever to market needs.