Movie Review: Romeo Akbar Walter

Cast: Johan Abraham, Mouni Roy,Jackie Shroff,Sikander Kher, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi and others

Director: Robbie Grewal

Music: Anikit Tiwari,Sohail Sen,Shabbir Ahmed,Raaj Aashoo

BGM: Hanif Shaikh

Cinematography: Tapan Tushar Basu

Editing: Nilesh Giridhar

Producers: Dheeraj Wadhwan, Ajay Kapoor,Vanessa Valia,Gary grewal

Banner: Viacom 18 Motion Pictures,Kyta Productions

Story Line

RAW Chief Srikant Rai (Jackie Shroff), gets super impressed by Romeo Ali (John Abraham), a teller in a bank by profession and a theatre artist at night, during one of his performances that he decides to use him as a spy.

Romeo is given a crash course in spying and despatched to Pakistan and from then on his mission on espionage starts. To findout his experiences, enjoy Romeo Akbar Walter on silver screen.

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Star Shine

John Abraham for all his macho looks and high voltage action scenes, disappoints with his performance. There is nothing to rave about his performance as he comes with wooden expressions and his make up makes it even more difficult to watch and bear him on screen.

Mouni Roy who impressed with Akshay Kumar’s Gold got the inconsequential role and fails to elevate the scenes with her performance. Jacike Shroff is good as RAW chief. Sikander Kher attracts a bit like a cruel and menacing Pakistani police officer. Alka Amin too comes with good performance but despite their best efforts they fail to save the film.

Director’s Special

Robbie Grewal , the director dreamed of a success ride at the box office stoking the patriotic fervor post-Balakot air strikes etc. However he failed completely with his story,screenplay and direction. He failed completely with his narration as the film lacked even the basic twists and turns and the pace of the film is so pathetic that right from the start to finish, it looked like a lullaby rather than a spy thriller.

He went terribly wrong even in dealing with the emotions of the spies while working in the enemy nation under unfavorable conditions. Lackluster story telling, over exaggeration and flawed narration, tested the patience of the movie lovers.

Though the director drew inspiration from the real life incidents he failed to generate interest among movie lovers even in one scene turning it into a complete disaster much to the disappointment of the movie lovers. Cinematic liberties, illogical scenes, over exaggeration and over the top dialogues leave the viewers in disgust and distraut.

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Anikit Tiwari,Sohail Sen,Shabbir Ahmed,Raaj Aashoo’s music is just ok. The songs are situational and they didnot make much impact. BGM of Hanif Shaikh is adequate but it could have been better to make powerful impact. Tapan Tushar Basu’s cinematography is good and same is the case with it. Production values are good.

Final Take

Romeo Akbar Walter gives third degree torture.

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